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July 12, 2022
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Pag-IBIG Online Registration 2022: Get Your Number Online


Do you want to become a Pag-IBIG member?


Fortunately, it’s easier to register now with the use of the online portal. You don’t need to go to the office anymore to process your registration.


In this article, we’ll show you how to register for the Pag-IBIG fund and answer some of the questions you may be having.


Let’s get started.


What exactly is the Pag-IBIG Fund?


The Pag-IBIG Fund is a savings and housing government program that’s officially called the “Home Development Mutual Fund” (HDMF).


Pag-IBIG is a contraction of its whole name — “Pagtutulungan sa Kinabukasan: Ikaw, Bangko, Industriya, at Gobyerno”.


Originally, it was intended to encourage savings among Filipinos. It was then mandated in 1979 to increase the availability of housing loans.


What are the advantages of being a Pag-IBIG member?


Here are the main benefits of qualified Pag-IBIG members:


1. Housing Loans


Most people in the country automatically associate Pag-IBIG with housing loans because it’s the most affordable method of acquiring a home.


When you loan through Pag-IBIG, you’re entitled to lower interest rates and longer payment terms, which can go for as long as thirty years.


There are two types of housing loans a member can get:


Regular housing loan — members can borrow up to 6 million pesos with annual interest rates as low as 5.375%

 Affordable housing loan — members can borrow up to 750,000 pesos with an annual interest rate starting at 3%


Members can then use the borrowed money for house (and lot) purchase and construction, or even refinancing for an existing house loan.


2. Savings


In spirit of the program’s first intended purpose, members can also use the program to save for their future.


There are two types of savings program in Pag-IBIG:


Pag-IBIG Savings I — the program’s regular savings program that’s usually done through payroll deduction or payment channels

Modified Pag-IBIG II (MP2) Savings — a voluntary (optional) savings program that earns higher dividends


Naturally, both saving programs are tax-free and are guaranteed by the government (so there’s less risk of losing your investment).


There’s no limit as well to the amount of savings members can put into both programs. Members can start saving with the MP2 program for as low as 500 pesos monthly.


3. Short-Term Loans


What’s even more awesome is that you can borrow up to 80% of the total savings you put into Pag-IBIG’s savings programs.


For the loans:


Normally, the annual interest rate is as low as 10.5% and can be used for tuition payments, home improvements, and medical bills.

The interest rate goes even lower at 5.95% annually for areas declared under a state of calamity by the government.


It’s also possible to avail of both types of loans — but the approval may depend on the outstanding balance that you have.


That means it’s possible that you may not get the full amount of the calamity loan that you want to borrow.


Now, in addition to savings and loans, members can also get discounts and rewards from participating establishments in the country.


For example, when you apply for a Pag-IBIG loyalty card, you can use it to avail discounts when you get tested in Hi-Precision laboratories.


Who can be Pag-IBIG members?


If you want to avail of the benefits of Pag-IBIG you need to become a member first, which can either be the following:


1. Mandatory Membership


The Pag-IBIG Fund law in R.A. 9679 makes membership mandatory for the following:


Private employees of private companies who have permanent, temporary, or provisional employment status. This only applies to employees up to 60 years old with or without SSS membership.

 Government employees (including public officials) who have GSIS membership like members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine National Police, and Bureau of Fire Protection.

 Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), which covers all land-based and sea-based workers (monthly contribution is now required for getting the Overseas Employment Certificate).

Self-employed professionals, which covers freelancers, athletes, entrepreneurs, and other individuals up to 60 years old who earn at least 1,000 pesos per month.

 Household workers, which covers drivers, maids, and even gardeners who are earning at least 1,000 pesos per month.


2. Voluntary Membership


Those who don’t belong to the groups mentioned earlier but still want to become a Pag-IBIG member can register as a voluntary member.


Voluntary membership is open for Filipinos and foreigners from 18-65 years old who belong to any of the groups below:


 Non-working spouse, which includes married housewives and housebands, who consent to their Pag-IBIG membership.

Former Pag-IBIG members who are no longer employed but still earn a passive income or allowance. This covers pensioners and investors as well.

 Public employees who don’t have a GSIS membership — which includes barangay chairpons and SK members.

Expatriates, foreigners below 60 years old who live and work in the Philippines (they were mandatory until 2019).

 Students who want to become voluntary members. Part-time work or any income isn’t required, but they have to be at least 18 years old.

 Unemployed Filipinos like new college graduates who want to become voluntary members and pay monthly contributions can also register.

Anyone in the right age like immigrants, coop members, trade union members, religious leaders (and members) can apply for a membership.


To avoid confusion in the age limit:


Mandated members can only be members up to 60 years old.

Voluntary members can be anywhere between 18-65 years old.


How to register for Pag-IBIG online?


Those who want to register for Pag-IBIG for the first time (without any membership ID number) can do so through their online portal.


If you’re an employee, you may not need to register yourself since the HR department of the company will handle it for you.


Here are the steps on how to use Pag-IBIG’s online portal:


Navigate to the portal’s new registration page

Provide the details on the online membership registration form

Enter the captcha code

Click the “Submit” button below the form



On the next page:


Indicate if the name you used earlier is the same as the one in your birth certificate

Enter the names of your father and mother (maiden)

Click the “Next” button to continue



For the other info form:


Make sure to enter your birth place, civil status, and gender

Other details are optional

Click again the “Next” button once you’re done



For the address:


Make sure to fill out the zip code part

Check the box if you’re present address and permanent address are the same

Indicate your preferred mailing address

Click the “Next” button



For the contacts part:


Enter your email address

Enter your contact number into the appropriate form

Click the “Next” button



On the next page, you can indicate your family members as heirs:


Click the “Add Heirs” button and fill out the form

Click “Next” once you’re done or if you want to skip this step



For the member category:


Select your member category from the dropdown

Enter the information required into the forms

Click the “Next” button to proceed



On the next page, you can add here any employment history you may have:


Click the “Add Employment Detail” and complete the form

Click the “Next” button to continue or to skip this part



On the last page:


Click the “Back” button to edit the previous details

Click the “Submit Registration” button when you’re done



Once you submit the form, the success registration page will confirm that your Pag-IBIG registration is complete.


From there, you can then print the MDF form, which has your registration tracking number (RTN), something like a proof of your registration.


You can then request your permanent Pag-IBIG membership identification number (MID) through text by following this format:




Send the text to these numbers:


Globe and TM: (0917) 888-4363

Smart, TNT, and Sun: (0918) 898-4363


Important Notes About the Registration


Here are things to remember when applying for a Pag-IBIG membership online:


1. Avoid taking breaks during the registration


The registration can take a little while especially when you need to enter a lot of details.


Remember to avoid taking breaks while the window is still open. The system will automatically close the session if you’re inactive for 15 minutes.


This is to protect your information in case someone accidentally types on the keyboard while you’re away, putting wrong information.


If you need to take your time, make sure that you type something in any of the forms within 15 minutes to avoid restarting the process.


2. Make sure all the details entered are correct


In relation to the above item, you must ensure that all the information you provided are timely and accurate.


When you make a transaction with Pag-IBIG, they will ask for some of your personal information to verify your identity.


If you entered the wrong information during registration, then the transaction will not go through and may even cause delay when you apply for loans and benefits.


Unfortunately, you will need to correct the information in your membership before you avail with the loans and other benefits.


3. Take note of your RTN and MID numbers


You will be using your registration tracking number and membership identification number (especially this one) many times in your life.


For example, when you transfer to another company, the HR office will ask your MID number so they can update your Pag-IBIG membership.


But if you don’t have these numbers, you will have to contact Pag-IBIG yourself or even go to their office just to ask for your MID number.


Frequently Asked Questions: Pag-Ibig Online Registration


Here are answers to some of the most common questions related to Pag-IBIG and its online registration process:


1. What’s next after Pag-IBIG online registration?


Strictly speaking, the registration process, even if it gives you your membership identification number, doesn’t start your actual membership.


In order to formally start your Pag-IBIG membership and receive the benefits, you need to start paying your monthly contribution.


2. How to update Pag-IBIG membership online?


Unfortunately, there’s no way to update your Pag-IBIG membership details through the program’s online portal (which is why you need to make sure your details are correct when registering).


To update your membership and any other details, you need to visit the nearest Pag-IBIG office and request the change of your membership information.


Naturally, when you go to their office, you need to bring the member’s data form (MDF) that contains your registration tracking number (RTN).


3. Are there any requirements when applying for Pag-IBIG online?


Pag-IBIG doesn’t require any information during the registration process, although you need to make sure your details are correct.


However, it helps if you have your birth certificate on hand since the details you provide must match with what’s found on that document.


4. How to verify Pag-IBIG number?


There are at least three things you can do to request your Pag-IBIG membership identification number or MID:


Through SMS


Text the following:


IDSTAT<space>[RTN]<space>[Birth date in MM/DD/YYYY format]


Then, send to the following numbers:


For Globe and TM: 0917-888-4363

For Smart, TNT, and Sun: 0918-898-4363


Pag-IBIG Hotline


The other option is to call the Pag-IBIG hotline: 8724-4244.


For security purposes, they will ask you three security questions and you will have to answer them correctly.


Office Visit


The last option is to drop a visit to the nearest Pag-IBIG office to you.


When you go to their office, bring an identification card to prove your identity to the staff. They will then give you your Pag-IBIG number.


5. Are there fees when registering for Pag-IBIG?


There are no fees associated when registering for a Pag-IBIG membership through the program's online portal.


6. How to recover lost Pag-IBIG tracking number?


For this, check the inbox in your phone first since it’s likely that you received the text from Pag-IBIG that has the registration tracking number.


If you can’t find it anywhere, follow the steps listed in step #4:


Through SMS

Pag-IBIG Hotline

Office Visit


7. How to print Pag-IBIG MDF form?


Right after you finish the registration process, you will be given the option to print the MDF form.


Unfortunately, if this moment has passed, your only option is to visit the nearest Pag-IBIG member services office and request a printed copy of your MDF.


8. Can I now get a Pag-IBIG loan after registering?


Unfortunately, Pag-IBIG loans don’t work like that. You can’t qualify for a loan after your registration nor after your first few monthly contributions.


At the very least, you need 24 monthly contributions and meet the other requirements first before you can apply for a loan.


Online Registration with Pag-IBIG


Applying for a Pag-IBIG membership is now easier thanks to the program’s online portal.


Although there are still a few things you need to remember, like making sure you’re not inactive for more than 15 minutes, the process is smooth and easy.


Make sure to take note of your registration tracking number and membership identification number as you will need them a lot of time.


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