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Cloud VPS
January 22, 2021
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Why is it important for gamers to choose Cloud VPS?

Low latency and low ping are the most crucial considerations for gamers as they demand an impeccable network and disk performance. Cloud Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the ideal solution to address these concerns, coupled with its enhanced security and stability. It is also a more cost-efficient option over dedicated servers given its scalability.   These are 3 key features of the Cloud VPS that ensure a smooth gaming experience:
  1. Solid-state drive (SSD) 
    Your storage drive can have an impact on your gaming experience. A fast SSD can reduce loading time and improve system responsiveness.
  2. Bandwidth
    Bandwidth also affects the performance. According to the Federal Communications Commission, the recommended download speed for gaming is within the range of 3 to 4 Mbp (keep in mind that this recommendation is for only one person). If the hosting game server exceeds the capacity of the network interface, it may impede gameplay. With Z.com Philippines, unmetered data transfer is an included feature in all our plans. Source: https://www.reviews.org/internet-service/internet-speed-for-gaming/
  3. Random-access memory (RAM) – More RAM the better
    Multiplayer gaming requires a lot of memory space, especially when these games demand quick communication and reaction time between players. The slightest lag can make a great difference in determining the game results. Let’s take an example, Minecraft requires a minimum of 2GB of RAM, which can only support 1 to 4 players with acceptable performance. A game involving more than five players will require a range from 3GB to 8GB. Cloud VPS usually offers different RAM size plans to cater for varying needs. At Z.com Philippines, we offer 7 Cloud VPS plan to suit different capacity needs and provide you with the agility to scale your space capacity as required.
Z.com’s Cloud VPS is designed to withstand disruption and is fast-performing to provide you with a seamless gaming experience.
For enquiries on Cloud VPS, please contact us via our Live Chat (Monday to Sunday, 9 am to 6 pm), or visit www.web.z.com/ph/cloud-vps.
Flona / Customer Support Team @GMO

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