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Google Workspace Google Workspace

A cost effective and powerful productivity tool

with FREE .com Domain* only at

150 .00 /user/month

What is Google Workspace?

Is a productivity toolkit all in one place that makes business easy. With business quality for
organization that require high capacity, security, control, and integration.

Most secure tools with 99.9% utilization

Google Workspace is one of the most secure tools with 99.9% utilization on the web today, and they work actively to ensure that the data are well-protected.

Manage Google Workspace from the Admin Console

The Admin Console allows the administrator to easily add users, manage devices, and configure security and settings so that your data stays safe without any IT knowledge.

Preserve users’ data

Google Vault allows you to preserve important data for as long as you need it, even from deleted documents and suspended accounts. This helps to prevent data loss when employees leave the company.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace plans with
Free .com Domain

Z.com is offering you a FREE .com domain (worth ₱1,100) if you sign up a 12-months or more contract for Google Workspace with us.

Choose a plan
that’s right for your business

A range of business-quality and reliable Google Workspace tools with 99.9% utilization - choose from the
three affordable packages to suit your business needs and try it free of charge for 30 days.

Business Starter

150 .00
/user/month Sign-up Now


  • Custom and secure business email
  • 100 participant video meetings
  • 30GB Cloud storage per user
  • Security and management controls
  • Standard support

Additional Features

  • Free 1-year .com Domain*
Most Popular

Business Standard

342 .00
/user/month Sign-up Now


  • Custom and secure business email
  • 150 participant video meetings + recording
  • 2TB Cloud storage per user
  • Security and management controls
  • Standard support
    (paid upgrade to enhanced support)

Additional Features

  • Free 1-year .com Domain*

Business Plus

640 .00
/user/month Sign-up Now


  • Custom and secure business email + eDiscovery, retention
  • 250 participant video meetings + recording, attendance tracking
  • 5TB Cloud storage per user
  • Enhanced Security and management controls, including Vault and advanced endpoint management
  • Standard support
    (paid upgrade to enhanced support)

Additional Features

  • Free 1-year .com Domain*

*Business Starter, Business Standard and Business Plus plans can be purchased for a maximum of 300 users. Z.com Google Workspace customers are entitled to additional features
for a limited promotional period - Free 1-year .com Domain is available only when you sign-up 12months or more contract period with us.

See compare table

What is the difference between
Google Workspace and Google’s free apps?

Refer to the table below to find out the differences between Google Workspace and Google Services for Individuals.


Google Free Apps

Google Workspace

Service Design Concept For Personal Use For Business Use
Ownership User Admin
SLAs with 99.9% uptime No Yes
Management Console No Yes
Service usage fee Free Yes
Login password management User Admin/User
Two-step verification process Yes Yes
Domain mail No Yes
Outgoing emails per user 500/day 2,000/day
Advanced mail filter function Yes Yes
Standard mail filter function No Yes
Mail log No Yes
Storage 15GB From 30GB
Team edit and share No Yes
Add on function No Yes
24/365 support from Google No Yes
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Google Workspace

A comprehensive office tool, everything you need to get anything done. Refer to below for all the applications included.


Custom business email


Word processing


Engage employees

Google Meet

Video and voice conferencing

Google Sheets


Google Keep

Notes and lists

Google Chat

Messaging for teams

Google Slides

Presentation builder

Google Apps Scritp
Apps Script

Optimise how you work

Google Calendar

Shared calendars

Google Forms

Surveys builder

Google Cloud Search
Cloud Search

Smart search across Google Workspace

Google Drive

Cloud Storage

Google Sites

Website builder

Google Jamboard

Collaborative digital white boarding


Find answers to frequently asked questions about Google Workspace

Google Workspace is the enhanced version of G Suite and it also differs from Google’s free apps in which its more business focused, and they provides added services, click here to refer to the table above for more details on the services provided.
No. A domain (like .com) is a standalone product. If you yet and would like to own one, Z.com domains are known for providing the best pricing on the market and our domain inclusives of ICANN fees and WHOIS privacy protection.
Yes. Simply create and custom the email you'd like, such as example@yourcompany. You can add up to 30 email for each email created per subscription.
For the Business Starter package, you'll get 30GB cloud storage. For the Business Standard package, 2TB cloud storage per user. For the Business Plus package, 5TB cloud storage per user.


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