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As controlled by domain names governing bodies, an already registered domain name cannot be changed. However, we have few recommendations that could help you.

Spelling Error

This may have occurred while you were placing an order for a domain name. The only workable solution is to register the correct domain name as the registry will not modify the wrong one once it is fully active. However, if the error is immediately discovered, you can quickly contact our support team to see if the order processing can still be aborted.

Change of Business Name or Title

Changing a business domain name that has been in use for quite a long time may cost its owners more than just getting a new domain name. The backlinks, trust and identity of the old domain name could be harnessed to support the new one, rather than losing it all.

To achieve this, we recommend you use the free Z.COM domain forwarding service to redirect the old domain to the new one to help both your customers get acquaintance, fairly maintain traffic and boost SEO rankings for the new domain.

Found a Better Name

I guess this sounds like good news if switching won’t hurt anyone or cost you more than just registering your newly found domain.

Here is guide that will remind you of how to register a domain name.

If you need further assistance on any of the recommended processes, feel free to contact our support team.