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A domain name is valid and active for at least a year once it’s been registered, and deleting it from the records of registered domains as controlled by the registry is not allowed, especially for generic domains such as .com, .org, .net and lots more.

To get rid of a domain name, here are some of the options you may consider:


If you no longer have a need of this domain name and you want it gone, simply allow it to expire on its due date by not renewing it. This is the simplest way of removing a domain from your active services. After the full expiration period which includes the grace period/redemption, the domain status will be set to “Pending Delete” and will be released back to the market in few days.

Remove personal Details

Sometimes, domain owners feel threatened with the fact that their personal details are attached to a particular domain. In this case, we have a tool on the Z.COM account management dashboard that will help you replace your personal details with a generic one provided by our company. At least, this will take care of your worries until the domain is due for expiration, if you still intend to let it go.

Here is a guide on how to hide your domain personal information using Z.COM Whois Proxy


We don’t promote cyber-squatting and it is possible that you never had the intention of registering a domain name for a trademark that already existed or is just about to go live without the organization’s approval. The organization may not be willing to talk to you first and you don’t want to be labelled a cyber-squatter.

In such case you may have to allow the domain to expire if it’s not having a multi-year active period or voluntarily relinquish the domain ownership to the said organization.

If you require any assistance, feel free to contact our support team and we will do our best help.