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Although it is not recommended that you allow your domain to clock expiration before renewal, it is however, an occurrence that may have been influenced by inevitable situations such as, a long break from accessing official mails or an incomplete handing-over of roles.

There are quite a number of reasons but we are here to tell you that there is a way or two to renewing an expired domain.

The Grace Period

Generally, domain name registries give a grace period of 30 days after the set expiration date. Within this period, Z.COM is allowed to help you renew the domain name and we have provided you with a simple-to-use renewal tool on your service dashboard for this purpose. Here is how to find it:

1. Login to your account on Z.COM, using your username and password

1. Login to your account on Z.COM, using your username and password

3. From the domain list, you will find the renew link on the row of the expired domain:

Note: The renew link will NOT be active if the grace period is exceeded

4. On the Renew Domain page you can select the number of years (a) for renewal, then click the “Set” button (b) to proceed:

5. You can now proceed with payment using your debit card, credit card or dragonPay account

You will be notified once your payment is confirmed and the domain will be renewed alongside.

After the Grace Period

It’s not yet a good time to give up on the domain as generic domain registries mostly make a provision for another 45 days where the domain will be in a redemption state. At this point you no longer have a claim to the domain but can be considered a priority bidder.

This means that the domain will be up for auction but the last registrant which is you, will be given a higher priority, Hence, you could get it back if it has not been acquired but at a relatively high price.

If you would like to get your expired domain from redemption state, then, feel free to contact our support team and we will do our best to assist.