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Change of domain ownership requires both party to have a Z.COM account. This means that you cannot transfer your domain name to someone who doesn’t have a Z.COM account.

This is necessary for domain management, as the receiving user will need to have access to the management dashboard where the domain information will be maintained. We also need to verify the identity of the receiving person or party to avoid violation of service terms.

So, if you want to transfer your domain ownership to someone without a Z.COM account, the following steps will be required:

1. The receiving person/party should create an account on Z.COM

2. You (the sending person/party) can now send a request for transfer of domain ownership to our support team

3. The team will request the email address of the receiving person/party

4. Then the support personnel will conduct identity verification of both parties

5. The domain will now be moved or transferred to the new owner by the support team and a notification will be sent to you.

Some important key notes include:

a. Change of domain ownership is irreversible; hence, the new user will have to make a fresh request to send the domain if a return is necessary.

b. There is no specific domain age that is required for domain transfer to another Z.COM user.
This means that you can move the domain at any time within its active period.

c. You cannot transfer expired domain names to another Z.COM user, you will have to renew it first.

d. DNS settings will not be altered upon transfer.

In general, the process of transferring domain to another Z.COM user is a very simple one, and we will be here to complete the procedures with you.