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If your DNS is hosted at a third party registrar, such as 1&1, you’ll need to follow the instructions below to modify your DNS and point them to the 3 Z name severs




1. Use the correct Control Panel link for your region and log in using your Customer ID or Domain name and password for your account.

US Control Panel:

CA Control Panel:

● If you only have one hosting package available, you’ll be taken to your Administration page automatically. If you happen to have multiple hosting packages, choose the package for your Domain in order to reach its specific Administration page.

2. Select Manage Domains from the Domains panel on the next page.

3. Choose the box adjacent to the domain in order to select it. Choose Domain Settings and choose Edit DNS settings. Choose the domain and select Edit DNS Settings.

4. Enter your Primary name server information ns-a1.cloud.z.com in the Name Server 1 input area.

5. Choose your backup name servers from the Additional name servers drop-down menu selection and enter ns-a2.cloud.z.com and ns-a3.cloud.z.com

NOTE: Your additional name servers only function as a backup in the case of a service outage affecting your primary name server, which in turn will direct traffic to the IP address your Additional name servers specify.

6. Save your changes by selecting the save option at the bottom.

NOTE: Due to DNS propagation, changes made at the registrar may take 24 – 48 hours to update properly, in which case your website and/or email may be temporarily unavailable.

If you require further assistance with these features, please contact 1&1 for the most up to date information.