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It is a good idea to change your cPanel password from the one that was sent to you in the Welcome email. If you do this, please ensure that you keep a copy of the password in a safe place, preferably a password manager like Dashlane, Keeper or LastPass.

You can read more about password managers at:

1. To change your password on your cPanel account, from the main dashboard click on your username and then click on “Password and Security”.

2. You will now be prompted to enter:

a) First your old password.

b) Your new password. Ensure that the password is secure and contains a mixture of upper-case and lower-case letters, number and symbols.

c) Type in your new password again.

d) The system will tell you how good it thinks your password is, if it says weak it will not allow you to use it. It needs to score above 40.

e) If you choose to, the system can generate a password for you. Just click on the Password Generator button, copy the password and then paste it somewhere safe, select the tick box and click on “Use Password”.

f) Click on “Change your password now”. You will be logged out and need to log back in again.