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A domain name life cycle is characterized by strict stages which are governed by standard policies in relation to time and dates.

Once you’ve registered a domain name, the major obligation that is needed to keep the domain active and within your authority over several years is its annual renewal.

It is not a good experience to lose a domain name that has been used to develop or define a brand or other vital services. Hence, Z.COM has made it possible for its customers to always get reminders when a domain expiration date is near and still displays this information on its domain dashboard.

More interestingly, you can renew your domain at any time within its active period and Z.COM can help your save up to 9 years worries with the provision of a longer renewal period.

Here is how to quickly renew your domain name:

1. Sign in to your Z.COM account, using your username and password

2. Click on “Domain” from the top navigation bar:

3. From the domain list, click the “Renew Domain” link on the same row with the domain you intend to renew:

4. The Renew Domain page will allow you to select the number of years (a), then you can click the “Set” button (b) to proceed:

5. The next step is to make payment using your debit, credit card or dragonPay account

6. Once your payment is confirmed, the domain will be renewed and you will get a notification for it.

In case you miss a domain renewal, there is a grace period of about 30 days which varies with the domain extension as defined by its registry. However, we recommend you renew your domain while it is still active to keep your website always online and maintain full control of the domain name.

For further assistance, you can contact our support team and we will be glad to help.