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A mail exchanger (MX) record is a domain name system (DNS) entry used to tell other servers on the internet which server(s) to send email to for your domain. Email can go to your hosting server where your website is hosted, or it can go to other email services like Google or Office365. Sometimes more than one MX record is added if backup email servers are also available.

There are a few fields used in setting an MX record:

a) Name – if you are using sub-domains for example you have mail servers for different country offices you may use this, but generally you should just set it to @ which means the current domain.

b) TTL – this is the time to live and set the expiry date for this record to be cached. If you make this too large it may take several days to update if you ever change it, but if it is too small it results in extra un-needed DNS lookups. Setting it to 3600 seconds (1 hour) is acceptable practice.

c) Value – this needs to be the name (NOT an IP address) of the server the email should be sent to

d) Priority – if you have more than 1 mail server , other servers try sending to the highest priority server first. If you have 1 server you can just set this to 0

If you have purchased the domain name from us then you can follow this procedure to add or change the MX record.

1. Click on the DNS tab

2. Click on the domain name

3. Click the edit pen.

4. If there is an existing MX record, click in the “point to” box, change to the new name you need and click SAVE.

5. If there is no existing MX record or you need to add a 2nd one, click the “+” button:

a. Select “MX” in the dropdown

b. Put “@” in the Name field

c. Type “3600” in the TTL field

d. Set the value as needed and

e. Set the priority to “0”.

After making the changes it can take up to 1 hour for them to take effect, depending on your old TTL values that existed before you changed it now.