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Subdomain services allows you to create URLs with different prefixes attached to a primary domain based on your business need or project structure.

This means that you can create valid sub URLs or subdomains such as blog.testingforzcomph.com, shop.testingforzcomph.com, and/or control.testingforzcomph.com through the primary domain which in this case is: testingforzcomph.com.

More interestingly, Z.COM allows you to create a number of subdomains via your Cpanel at no extra cost.

Follow the steps below to setup or create a subdomain in minutes:

1. Sign in to your Z.COM account, using your username and password

2. Click on “Webhosting” from the top navigation bar:

3. From the Web Hosting Server List, click on the running hosting account which houses the primary domain (On which you intend to create the subdomain):

4. Click the cPanel button to proceed to its dashboard:

5. Once you are on the cPanel dashboard, scroll to the DOMAINS section and click “Subdomains”:

6. To create a subdomain such as blog.testingforzcomph.com, you should fill the form fields as shown below (a) (b) (c);

7. Then, click the “Create” button at (d):

8. Upon successful creation, you can find and access the subdomain file directory from the list on the subdomain page:

9. You can now use your new subdomain URL and manage its files/directory as you wish.

As mentioned earlier, Z.COM allows you to create and manage multiple subdomains on each domain. If you encounter any issue in the setup process, feel free to contact our support team.