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If you want to add a new domain to Z, it is easy to do so.

If you do not have any domain at all, register a new domain with us goto step A

If you have a domain elsewhere and want to transfer the domain to us goto step B. Transfering the domain to us is the best option as you will get one invoice for all your domand and hosting and one company to contact for help if things go wrong. There are however some top level domains that we do not support, like some of the smaller country domains, which case you need to use option C.

If you have a domain elsewere and just want to point the namserers to us goto step C. You would usually use this if you have a top level domain we do not support or if you need to get something working quickly while you wait for domain to transfer to us. You can do step C and once that is done also do step B which can take several days.

A. Register a new domain with Z

1. Login to Z and click on Domain on the top menu.

2. Click the + Domain button

3. Type in the domain you want to register and click search

4. Our system will show available domain name suggestions

6. Click the select box nextto the name you want and then click checkout

9. Choose the number if years you want. If you already have a hosting plan you do not need to select another hosting plan.

11. Click checkout

12. Complete your address details and payment information.

B Transfer a domain

1. Click domain and then click Transfer on the left menu

3. Enter the domain name and click continue

4. Ensure the domain name is unlocked at the current registrar. Get the EPP code from the current regustrary, enter it in the Auth Code field and click Next

5. Complete your address and payment information

C If your DNS is hosted at a third party registrar, you’ll need modify your name servers with your current registrar and point them to the 3 Z name severs