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To register a domain name, the governing body ICANN requires that registrants provide their valid identity information. As soon as the domain name becomes active, these personal information and the domain related data are made available to the public via a free global directory known as WHOIS.

This implies that your full name, organization, full address, phone number and valid email address will be made available to anyone in the world once you register a domain name. The thought of the fact that scammers, hackers or even competitors form part of the public; gives you a good reason to find a way around protecting your privacy or personal information.

However, you don’t need to panic because, Z.COM has a free service known as the WHOIS Proxy which implements the WHOIS privacy protection that domain registrants crave for.

Our Domain Privacy service will therefore, hide your personal information from the public WHOIS database by changing them to Z.COM generic contact information.

The steps below will show you how to set WHOIS Proxy on your domains:

1. Sign in to your Z.COM account, using your username and password

2. Click on “Domain” from the top navigation bar:

3. Click on the domain name on which you intend to set the WHOIS Proxy:

4. On the domain settings page, click “Domain & Contract information” to open its section:

5. Now that you’ve opened the “Domain & Contract information” section, scroll down to find “Set WHOIS Proxy” and switch it on:

6. That’s all you need to do.

Now that you have successfully masked or hidden your personal or contact information on the WHOIS directory, you will have to allow about 3 hours for some lookup databases to update their records.

For further support, kindly contact our support team and we will be glad to assist you.