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Shopify has grown to become a beacon of fast-deployment among ecommerce platforms, popularly known for its provision of online stores.

This ecommerce platform is gaining more traction from new and older retail service providers, thanks to its user-friendly custom features. One of such features is the third-party domain setup, which allows Shopify users to point or connect their externally purchased domain names to Shopify stores.

Hence, you can now use a custom domain name which you registered with Z.COM such as, zsamplewears.com to access your Shopify store.  This is definitely a friendlier URL than the default one provided by Shopify which is something like zsamplewears.myshopify.com.

So, if you intend to explore the ecommerce functions as provided via Shopify and would like to use a domain registered with Z.COM, then, this article will help in pointing the domain name to your Shopify store in minutes.

Don’t have a domain name yet?

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Follow the steps below to setup the domain name for your Shopify store;

1. Sign in to your account on Z.COM with your username and password

2. Click on “DNS” from the top navigation bar:

3. Click on the “+ Domain” (a) button to add the domain name to the DNS list;

4. Enter the domain name as seen in (b) then, click “Save”(c):

5. Click on the newly added domain (d) from the list to open its DNS record section;

6. Clicking the pencil icon at ( e ) will make the record editable:

7. We can now add the A record (f) and CNAME record (g) that point to Shopify, using the following details after clicking the “+” icon:

i. For the A record
Type: A
Name: @
TTL: 3600
Value: (This is Shopify’s IP address)

ii. For the CNAME record
Name: www
TTL: 3600
Value: shops.myshopify.com

N.B Ensure that you enter these DNS records correctly, as shown in the image below;

8. Now that you have saved (h) your Shopify DNS records, just sit back and wait for about 30 minutes to allow automatic propagation:

9. Welcome back! You can now login to your Shopify store account and add the domain name, here is a simple guide:

a. Login to your Shopify admin dashboard

b. Go to Online Store

c. Click on Domains

d. Click “Connect existing domain”

e. Enter the domain name that you want to connect, such as zsamplewears.com

f. Click Next

g. And lastly, click on “Verify Connection”

Now that you have pointed your domain name to your Shopify store, you can start enjoying the exciting features that this ecommerce platform provides while we continue to offer you suiting domain name services.

N.B It is important to note that DNS record propagation can take up to 48 hours in few cases, so you will have to keep checking the connection status with the “Verify Connection” button as provided on Shopify, if you encounter a delay. If this period is exceeded, kindly contact our support team for assistance.