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Weebly is one of the most patronized website builder for small business and personal websites. This online platform provides a very friendly drag-and-drop editor that makes it easy for users with less technical skills to design their sites in no time.
For a good amount of users, the point of attraction to Weebly was the freebie offer. Many are still thrilled with the fact that building a website with Weebly is basically free. After building your website with the Weebly editor, it is automatically hosted and you are given a URL that is more of a Subdomain (e.g. mysite.weebly.com), all for free.

However, not all functionalities comes with the free or basic package. One of the features that require upgrading to a paid package is the ability to use or connect a core domain so that your website can be accessed with an authoritative domain such as mysite.com.
Now that you have built your site with Weebly or plan to do so, you will need to point your already existing or newly purchased domain which you got from Z.COM to your Weebly site, before you can comfortably give out your custom or personalized site address.

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Let’s walk you through the setup which will help you point or connect your domain to a site built and hosted on Weebly.

1. Go to your site dashboard on Weebly platform

2. Click on “Website”

3. Navigate to “General Settings”

4. Click the “Customize” button and enter your custom domain name which you registered with Z.COM

5. From the Customize page, you will see an IP address in the format: 199.34.228.xx

6. Copy or write down the IP address before Saving the Custom settings

7. You can now sign in to your account on Z.COM with your username and password

8. Click on “DNS” from the top navigation bar:

9. Click on the “+ Domain” (a) button to add the domain name to the DNS list;

10. Enter the domain name as seen in (b) then, click “Save” (c):

11. Click on the newly added domain (d) from the list to open its DNS record section;

12. Click the pencil icon at (e) to make the record editable:

13. You can now add the A records (f) (g) that point to Weebly server, using the following details after clicking the “+” icon beneath the records:

a. First A record
Type: A
Name: @
TTL: 3600
Value: (Use the Weebly IP address that you copied in Step 5)

b. Second A record
Type: A
Name: www
TTL: 3600
Value: (Use the same Weebly IP address that you copied in Step 5)

N.B Ensure that you enter these DNS records correctly, as shown in the image below;

14. Once you have saved (h) your Weebly DNS records, just relax for about 3 hours to allow automatic propagation:

15. You can then try to access your custom domain on any browser and confirm it is loading your Weebly site.

It is important to note that DNS record propagation can take up to 48 hours in few cases, so you will have to keep checking the connection status by trying the custom URL on a browser at intervals. In case you encounter further delay, feel free contact our support team for assistance.