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Blogspot is Google-owned platform that allows its users to create blog pages and publish them like sites, using an assigned URL such as zmyblog.blogspot.com.

This free platform has become a home to millions of blogs globally and has thrived positively in the aspect of simplicity and efficiency.

However, not all users are comfortable with the assigned URL, some may prefer to use a Custom Domain such as zmyblog.com, for marketing, branding, professional or some other reasons.

Google has therefore, provided a DNS access that will allow the use of Custom or Third party domains with users’ blogspot accounts.

If you already have a domain name registered on Z.COM then, the steps below will help you point it to your blogspot in the simplest way.

Don’t have a domain name yet?

Click To Get a Domain Name

Let’s get started with pointing your domain name to your blogspot;

1. Sign in to your Blogger or Blogspot account

2. Click on the name of the blog you wish to point the domain to

3. Next, click on the Settings tab and choose “Basic”

4. Find the Publishing section then, click on the link “Set up a third-party URL for your blog” to add a custom domain

5. Enter the full domain name in this format: www.zmyblog.com

6. Click on the “Save” button

7. Once the page reloads, you will find two CNAME records which should be created on your domain DNS. The CNAMEs are something like:
www ghs.google.com
abzyx3lllzz gv-graxy075.dv.googlehosted.com

8. Copy the CNAMEs and save them in a text file or keep the page open till you are done with the setup

9. You now have to login to your Z.COM account, using your username and password

10. Click on “DNS” from the top navigation bar:

11. Click the “+ Domain” button (a) to add the domain name to the DNS domain list;

Enter the domain name as seen in (b) then, click “Save” (c):

13. Next, click on the newly added domain (d) from the list to open its DNS records section:

14. Click the pencil icon at ( e ) to make the records editable:

15. You can now add the A records and CNAMEs (as shown at f,g,h,i,j,k ) that point to your blogspot, using the following details after clicking the “+” icon:

i. For the first A record
Type: A
Name: @
TTL: 3600
Value: (This is Blogspot IP address)

ii.For the second A record
Type: A
Name: @
TTL: 3600
Value: (This is Blogspot IP address)

iii. For the third A record
Type: A
Name: @
TTL: 3600
Value: (This is Blogspot IP address)

iv. For the fourth A record
Type: A
Name: @
TTL: 3600
Value: (This is Blogspot IP address)

v. For the first CNAME record
Name: www
TTL: 3600
Value: ghs.google.com

vi. For the second CNAME record
Name: abzyx3lllzz (Use the details that your copied in step 8)
TTL: 3600
Value: gv-graxy075.dv.googlehosted.com (Use the details that your copied in step 8)

Note: The CNAMEs you copied are demarcated by a single space to show the Name and Value of each record.

Ensure that you enter the records correctly, as shown in the image below;

16. Click the “Save” button and allow about 1 hour for propagation of the new DNS settings:

17.Welcome Back! You can now go to your blogger or blogspot account and click on “SAVE” again, on your Basic tab.

18. To be sure that your domain name loads with or without www, quickly walk through this hint:

• Click on settings

• Select “Basic”

• Under Publishing, go to the Blog address and click on Edit

• Go to Advanced settings

• You will find a line that reads something like “Redirect zmyblog.com to www. zmyblog.com”

• Select the Checkbox that is near the redirect option if it is not enabled

• Click the “Save” button

19. Congrats! You’ve just finished setting up your domain name to point to your blogspot account.

In few cases, DNS propagation may take up to 48 hours. If this period has been exhausted and you are still having issues then, kindly contact our support team for assistance.