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Getting a domain name is more like defining or naming a region in the internet world. For some, they prefer to reserve a domain name even up to several years until they are ready to deploy the project or website.

Reserving a domain name is most necessary when a planned project is not set for deployment and the chances of getting a suiting domain name is quite slim. It is generally advisable to get your domain name as soon you think of a project because, a perfect domain name can influence branding, design, search engine optimization (SEO), memory adaptability and lots more.

If you are done with your website development and have not registered its domain name, you can still be lucky to find it available with the domain search tool on Z.COM.

Whether you want to reserve or get a domain name for instant deployment, the steps below will walk you through process in minutes.

1.Browse to our website

Click on “Domain” as shown below:

3. Enter the domain name you want to register in the search field

4. Click the Search Button to start the domain name availability check:

5. View the result of your domain search
The result below (a) shows that the domain name zsample.com has been registered, hence, it is not available. However, there are other domains with varying extensions that are available, as suggested in the result.

6. If your desired domain has been registered, then you can try modifying the domain name and use the search bar (b) on the result page to check its availability

7. After modifying our domain name to zedsample.com, we found out it was available. Hence, we can now move on to add the domain name to the cart by clicking “Select” (c);

8. Once you have selected your desired domain name(s), you can move on to click the “Checkout” button at (d):
N.B: You can also add other similar domain names to the cart as suggested in the result, especially when you don’t want any other registrant to acquire them.

9. Now on the “Cart summary” page, you can select the number of years you wish to pay for. However, the registration can be renewed subsequently

10. Scroll down on the “Cart Summary” page

11. You will find an option of adding a hosting service plan to your domain name, if you want one

12. Once you have decided, simply click the “Check out” button to proceed

13. You will be prompted to Register or Sign In if you are a new user or your session expired

14. Once you are logged in, the domain registration form will appear, if the details are not pre-filled as desired then, you can fill the form using the example below :

15. Click the “Continue” button to proceed to the payment page, which you can complete with your Credit Card, Debit Card, PayMaya, GCash, or Paypal account and congrats! You’ve just registered your new domain name.

Once you have completed your payment, the domain name will be registered and a confirmation mail will be sent to your registered email address.

Now that you have a domain name, managing it will not be as difficult as it seem because, your Z.COM domain management dashboard is a friendly one. Here is a guide on how to manage you domain DNS which allows you to point your domain to supported third party services such as G Suite, Shopify, Microsoft Office 365 and lots more.

If you already have a hosting account on Z.COM and would like to attach this domain to it, then, look through this article on how to configure the new domain in Cpanel.


If you encounter any issue, kindly contact our support team for assistance.