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1. After you have signed up you need to add your web server hosting. cPanel will then be setup for you where you can start to administer your website. To do this please go to the Dashboard here: https://cp-ph.cloud.z.com/Dashboard

2. Login with the username and password supplied in our “Welcome” email.

3. Click on web hosting in the top navigation bar:

4. The “Add Web Hosting Server” page will appear.

a. Enter a short name for your domain in the “Your Domain Name” field.

b. Enter a password in the “Password” and “Re-enter Password” boxes. Ensure the password strength is greater than 70 by entering a combination of upper- and lowercase letters and numbers and a total of 8 or more characters.

c. Enter a name tag. This can be the same as your domain name.

5. Click on the ‘Set’ button to finish the setup.

6. The setup process will take approximately 5 minutes. During this time the status will be shown as “building”. Once the process is completed the status will show as “Running” and you will receive an email with the subject “Your Web Hosting has been set up”.

7. Once your first server is set up the “Web Hosting” tab will show a list of servers when you open it. To access cPanel for any of the servers click on the name tag.

8. To Login to cPanel click on the cPanel icon.