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Transferring a currently active domain name from one registrar to another can be quite hectic for first-timers due to too many back-and-forth on the provision of required information, and satisfaction of transfer policies laid down by ICANN and ccTLDs registries.

Not to worry, this article is here to guide you through the transfer process, making it faster than you can imagine. Z.COM has also provided a friendly transfer dashboard that will make the whole process excitingly simple.


On a general note, the list below presents registries’ laid down rules in simple terms, for transferring a domain name. Verifying these items will help you determine if the domain name can be transferred, as all the conditions MUST be satisfied.

1. The domain name to be transferred must be over 60 days old from initial registration.

2. The domain name has NOT been transferred within the last 60 days.

3. The domain name status is not on “Hold”.

4. The domain name Registrar Lock is disabled.

N.B Do not disable the Registrar Lock when you are not ready for the transfer and if other conditions are not met, ensure that the Registrar Lock is enabled until the domain is due for transfer. (Use a WHOIS Lookup Tool to Verify Domain Status)


Once you have confirmed that all the conditions above are met, then you can move on to start the transfer process by providing the following information to the new or gaining Registrar.

1.EPP or Auth Code: This is a short unique code that is assigned to each domain name by the current registrar, mostly at the time of registration. Your current registrar may provide this code to you via your domain management dashboard on their Clients’ portal. If you can’t find it yourself, then, contact their support team for assistance.


Transferring your current domain name to Z.COM is a very simple process as shown in the following steps:

1. Sign in to your account on Z.COM with your username and password

2. Click on “Domain” from the top navigation bar

3. Next, click “Transfer” on the side navigation bar:

4. Now that you are on the transfer page, enter the domain name you want to transfer in the domain field (a);

5. Then, click the “Continue” button at (b):

6. This will take you to the “Domain Transfer Settings” page, where you can confirm (e) all the conditions mentioned above (Scroll down to view all the Whois details)

7. After verifying the domain information, ensure that the Registrar Lock (c) is disabled or unlocked, that is, if the pre-conditions are met

8. You can now enter the EPP or Authorization Code (d) you got from the domain current registrar

9. Once the EPP or Auth Code is correct, the “Next” button (f) will help you to proceed with payment

10. The transfer will then be automatically initiated and we will notify you once completed.

Special Tip: Do not transfer a domain name within 45 days of renewal after expiration. This is because the renewal may be revoked and you will lose an extra year that you acquired from the former registrar.

Domain name transfer generally takes 5-7 weekdays but you will be notified promptly if anything goes wrong, which is a rare case. Also, it is advisable to update your DNS settings if you will have any urgent need for such within the transfer period. Details such as nameservers cannot be updated until the transfer process is complete.

If you have any other peculiar concern such as transferring a domain name in less than 5 days before expiration, then, feel free to contact our support team for assistance.