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I. Basic Requirements
Before initiating a domain transfer process, confirm that the following criteria are satisfied:

1. The domain name to be transferred is over 60 days old from initial registration

2. The domain name has NOT been transferred within the last 60 days

3. The domain name status is not on “Hold”

You can use a WHOIS lookup tool to confirm the above information for your domain and if all are satisfied, you can then move on to check Z.COM domain page to see if your domain name extension is supported by our services.

II. Remove Protected Registration
This service is used to retain a domain name against expiration or transfer. If you have this service activated on the domain, you will have to remove or cancel it. The following steps will guide you through the process:

4. Log in to your GoDaddy Domain Control Center

5. Select the domain you wish to transfer and click “Manage”:

6. Scroll down to “Additional Settings” and select the “remove Protected Registration” link if it was activated on the domain

7. Click the “Remove Protected Registration” button

8. You will be sent a verification code to verify your identity. The code will be sent via SMS, GoDaddy authentication app or an email, depending on your account settings

9. Enter the verification code and select “Verify”

10. A confirmation message for removing Protected Registration will be displayed

III. Remove Private Registration
The private registration service hides the domain registrant or admin contact details from the public WHOIS database, which is needed for transfer approvals. Use these steps to remove the Private Registration service, if you have it activated on your domain:

11. Log in to your GoDaddy account

12. Select the “My Products” tab

13. Click “Manage All” which is next to “Domains”:

14. Click the Domain Name (a) from the list to access the “Domain Settings” page:

15. Under “Contact Information”, click “Remove Privacy” which will show if the service is activated on the domain

16. You will receive a confirmation alert, then click “Yes, Remove Privacy” to complete removal

IV. Review/Update Contact Information
Ensure that the contact information for your domain name is correct. Here is how to verify or update the details if necessary:

17. Log in to your GoDaddy domain control center

18. Check the box next to the domain you want to update if you have multiple domains

19. Select “Ownership” from the menu above your domain list, then click “Update Contacts”
If you have a single domain on GoDaddy then, do this:

Click the Domain Name to access the “Domain Settings” page

Scroll to the “Contact Information” section and click “Edit”:

20. Enter your new contact information details if necessary (select the appropriate contact tab e.g. registrant, administrative, technical and/or billing if opened)

21. Click “Save” once you’ve made the changes:

V. Unlock the domain
By default, GoDaddy sets a transfer or registrar lock on domains. To remove this lock, simply follow the steps below:

22. Log in to your GoDaddy Domain Control Center

23. From the list of domains, find the switch that is on the “Lock” column, next to the domain you want to transfer

If you have a single domain on GoDaddy then, do this:

Click the Domain Name to access the “Domain Settings” page

Scroll to the “Additional Settings” section and click the “Edit” button beside “Domain Lock”:

24. Toggle the switch to unlock the domain

VI. Obtain EPP/Authorization code
This is a unique passcode that is needed to authorize the domain transfer and will be required when placing the transfer request with Z.COM. Here is how to get the Authorization Code:

25. Log in to your GoDaddy “Domain Control Center”

26. Select the domain you want to transfer to open the “Domain Settings” page

27. Under “Additional Settings”, select “Transfer domain away from GoDaddy” (This link will be available if the domain is over 60 days from registration or last transfer)

28. Review the transfer checklist, then select “Continue with transfer”

29. Select “Click here to see Authorization Code”

30. Select “Copy to Clipboard” to copy your authorization code and keep it safe

VII. Request for the domain transfer on Z.COM

Once you have completed the processes mentioned above, you can then proceed to place an order for the domain transfer on Z.COM where you will be required to enter the EPP code you got from GoDaddy for the domain.

Here is an article on how to place your transfer order on Z.COM

It is also important to note that domain transfers take up to 5 weekdays to complete but if any issue is encountered, our support team will contact you immediately and guide you through the solution.