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Transferring your domain from Register.com to your Z.COM account can be done with the steps and guidelines presented in this article.

1. Basic Requirements
Before initiating a domain transfer process, confirm that the following criteria are satisfied:

a. The domain name to be transferred is over 60 days old from initial registration

b. The domain name has NOT been transferred within the last 60 days

c. The domain name status is not on “Hold”

You can use a WHOIS lookup tool to confirm the above information for your domain and if all are satisfied, you can then move on to check Z.COM domain page to see if your domain name extension is supported by our services.

2. Deactivate Domain Privacy
If your domain has privacy services activated, then you have to deactivate it because this hides your personal information on the domain and will not allow you receive the transfer confirmation email.

To deactivate the domain privacy settings, you will have to contact the support team of Register.com, requesting that the settings be removed or deactivated.

3. Update administrative contact information
This is necessary to ensure that you have access; especially to the administrative email as all transfer confirmation mails will be sent to that address. Here is a step-by-step guide:

d. Log in to your account on Register.com.

e. Navigate to your domain list on the dashboard

f. Click the domain name that you wish to transfer

g. Under the Domain Contacts (Whois Contacts) section, click “View Registrant, Administrative Contact, and Technical Contact”

h. Under the Administrative Contact section, click “Edit”.

i. Update your contact information if necessary

j. Click on “Continue” to confirm the changes

4. Unlock your Domain Name
All registrars place locks on domains to prevent unauthorized transfers. This lock needs to be disabled for the domain to be transferred. Follow the steps below to unlock the domain:

k. Log in to your Register.com account

l. Navigate to your domain list on the dashboard

m. Click the domain name that you wish to transfer

n. From the Enable/Disable Domain Lock section, click “Disable Domain Lock”

o. Click Continue

p. On the confirmation page, click “Continue” again

5. Obtain EPP / Authorization code
The EPP or Authorization code is a passcode that is attached to your domain name and this will be requested by the receiving registrar which is Z.COM to be sure that you own the domain.

To obtain the EPP or Authorization code for your domain, you will have to contact Register.com support team and request the domain name’s authorization code which should be sent to you.

6. Request for the domain transfer on Z.COM

Once you have completed the processes mentioned above, you can then proceed to place an order for domain transfer on Z.COM where you will be required to enter the EPP/Authorization code.

Here is an article on how to place your transfer order on Z.COM

It is also important to note that domain transfers take up to 5 weekdays to complete but if any issue is encountered, our support team will contact you immediately and guide you through the solution.