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A mail exchanger (MX) record is a DNS resource that is used to specify the mail server responsible for accepting mails sent to a domain name.

For Z.COM customers, MX records are setup automatically to serve their domain email accounts. While a lot of users are comfortable with our mail services, we also provide the option of using third party mail services such as Gmail from Gsuite and others.

A typical MX record contains the domain name, Time-to-Live (TTL), record type, priority and the mail server hostname as shown respectively:

In a situation where you have multiple MX records, the record with the lowest priority value will be given the highest preference while the next preferred record will be considered if the first connection times-out based on the set TTL.

Add an MX record to your domain DNS on Z.COM

Using the sample MX record above, let’s walk you through the process of adding MX records to your domain DNS on Z.COM with the following steps:

1. Sign in to your Z.COM account using your username and password

2. Click on “DNS” from the top navigation bar:

3. Click the “ + Domain” button (a) to add the domain name to the DNS list

4. Enter the domain name (b) whose DNS zone you wish to add the MX record and click “Save” (c):

5. Click on the newly added domain (d) from the list to open its DNS record section

6. Click the pencil icon (e) to make the DNS record fields editable:

7. Delete any existing MX record if any, before adding the new ones you have.

8. You can now add the MX record(s), using the following details after clicking the “+” icon beneath the existing DNS records:

Type: MX

Name: @ (This is an alias for your domain name e.g. zmydomain.com)

TTL: 3600 (This is the default Time-to-Live before connection time-out)

Value: Here you will find 2 fields which include;

Point To: mx05.wh.sin1.cloud.z.com

Priority: 0

You can click the “+” icon beneath the existing DNS records to add multiple MX records:

9. Click the “Save” button once you’ve added your record(s)

10. Allow about 30 minutes for DNS propagation

It is important to note that DNS propagation may take up to 48 hours in few cases, if this period is exceeded and the connection is not established, feel free to contact our support team for assistance.