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Just as we will not recommend that you allow your domain to expire, we also don’t want your business or organization to lose its branded and trusted domain name. To this end, domain registries have provided post-expiration stages that will help ascertain that we have properly supported you during the active and inactive periods of your domain.

Here are the stages that a domain will undergo after the stated expiration date, if it is not renewed:

30 days after the expiration of domain is what we called the “Grace Period”.
Another 30 days after the grace period is what we called the “Redemption Period”. After the Redemption Period it will be openly available for registration to the public, so the domain owner has a total of 60-65 days from Expiration of Domain.

The Domain Grace Period

This is a period of grace which allows the domain owner to renew or re-claim the domain name after expiration. The duration depends on the prescription of the TLD (Top Level Domain) registry which ranges from 30 to 60 days.

The Redemption Period

Generic TLDs such as .com, org, .net, .online, .info, etc., also have a redemption period which comes after the first grace period and this places the domain for auction. In this period, other persons can bid for the domain name and the last owner can also bid.

Hence, you will have to pay the bidding price and the regular renewal fee to get the domain back and this period lasts for about 30 days.

Pending Delete

Once the domain makes it through the redemption period without been acquired, the registry will then file it for deletion from records of registered domains. This takes about 5 – 10 days and at this point, you will have to wait for the domain to be released back to the market for fresh registration. However, anyone can pick up the domain, as it will now be regarded as a globally available domain.

Generally, the stages that a domain goes through after expiration require about 60 – 90 days to complete, then, it will become available for fresh registration to anyone. However, we recommend that you do your best to keep your domain active by renewing it promptly to avoid disruption of your services.

Here is a guide on how to renew your domain name.

If you require assistance for any of the stages, feel free to contact our support team.