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The Domain Name System (DNS) was created in 1983 and became part of the original internet standards created by the Internet Engineering Taskforce (IETF) which governs all the standards that make the internet work as well as it does today.

DNS is a part of the magic that has made the internet a success, as it allows a name like facebook.com to be converted to a server IP address, which tells software like your web browser where to connect to, or mail servers which server to send email to. All this is carried out by an extensive network of DNS servers including ones provided by us for hosting DNS records for our Z.COM clients.

If you have purchased a domain elsewhere and have setup DNS with us, then please point your registrar to our Z.COM DNS servers:

• Nameserver 1: ns-a1.cloud.z.com

• Nameserver 2: ns-a2.cloud.z.com

• Nameserver 3: ns-a3.cloud.z.com

For more information please see our section of articles on DNS [LINK]