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Every time someone visits your website, data is transferred from your web hosting server account with us over the internet to the visitor’s device. This data includes web pages, images and other files that you make available on your website. Search engines and bots like Google also visit the website and use data. Collectively this data for your website is totalled and shows on your hosting control panel as Bandwidth. This is the total for the current billing period and resets back to 0 at the start of your billing period. There is a limit of the amount of bandwidth you can use according to the plan that you are on. When you approach that limit, we will notify you and once the limit is exceeded your website will be suspended.

In addition to website data any email that is sent or received, and any files that are uploaded to your site via ftp are also included in the total of bandwidth used.

The total is visible on the right column under the heading “Bandwidth”. This can also be clicked on to show more detailed information.

The total bandwidth used in the last day, week and year is summarised and broken down by protocol type to give an idea of what is using the bandwidth.

HTTP – Website requests

FTP – Uploads you or your web developer do to your site

IMAP and POP3 – reading of emails

SMTP – All emails sent by you or received on the server for your account.