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You may have found some of these terms a bit confusing or new. In this article we will give a clear explanation which shows the difference between subdomain, parked domain and addon domain.


Subdomains are found at a level of DNS hierarchy that is immediately below primary domains. This means that subdomains depends on primary domains for their existence and functionalities. The creation of subdomains allows you to set customized prefixes for your domain and have them serve as valid URLs.

For example, testingforzcomph.com is a primary domain while blog.testingforzcomph.com or shop.testingforzcomph.com are its subdomains.

By default, every domain is setup with its static subdomain whose prefix is always “www”. This is why testingforzcomph.com or www.testingforzcomph.com are valid URLs only that they point to the same website file directories.

When you create your own subdomains you can determine what website files or directory you want it to serve or work with. Here is a guide on how to setup subdomains.

Parked Domain

As the name implies, a domain name can be registered and not actively being used. Rather, it’s parked for later use. This is a way of reserving domain names ahead of a project to avoid cyber-squatters from getting them or to align with ongoing designs and branding.

Hint: Cybersquatting involves buying a domain name that might be wanted by another to resell it at a higher price.

Don’t have a domain name for your business yet? Here is how to get one.

Addon Domain

Unlike having a subdomain, an addon operates fully like a primary domain with its distinct domain name, website files, emails, databases and can even have its own subdomains. The major offer that addon brings to the users is the ability to host this domain within another domain’s hosting account.

Hence, addon domains are more of secondary domains but have the same DNS hierarchical level as primary domains. For example, you can purchase only a domain name such as zmydomain.com and have it hosted within the Cpanel account of testingforzcomph.com thus, sharing its resources.

Now that you know the difference between subdomains, parked domains and addon domains, you can now move on to Z.COM to enjoy any of these services.

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