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If when sending an email to an email address at your new domain the email bounces back with an error, this is a checklist you can work through

1. Did you set the MX record as per our article “How to Add an MX Record”?

2. Did you wait long enough after registering the domain or making changes to it?

a. It can take 24 hours after you register a domain, transfer it or change name servers for it to work again.

b. It can take one hour or more (upto the TTL value) for any changes you made to take effect

3. Verify if the MX record is visible using MX Toolbox

b. Type your email address in email address box

c. click “Submit” and wait for up to 1 minute while the system does checks.

d. The system will give you information to help you diagnose the problem with errors you need to work on highlighted in bold text.

Here is a table of errors you can get and actions you need to take: