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Users who configure an email forwarder via cPanel may encounter an issue where messages are marked as spam or blocked when they are received. This happens by design and is intended to prevent email loops from occurring. In order to circumvent this from happening, you’ll need to access your account directly from Gmail.

Prior to completing these steps, any cPanel email forwarders you have set up for this Gmail account will need to be disabled or deleted.

1. Log in to your preferred Gmail account.

2. Select the Settings option from the Gmail Settings icon.

3. Select the Accounts option.

4. Choose the option for Add a mail account in the Check mail from other accounts section.

5. Type the email address for the account you’d like to receive forwarded mail from and select Next.

6. Type your full email address as your Username.

7. Type the password for your email account.

8. Type the server name your domain is using in the POP Server section.

9. Type 995 for the Port.

● Choose the option to Leave a copy of retrieved messages on server if you’d like to still see email in both cPanel and Gmail, otherwise Gmail will remove messages from the server when new mail arrives.

● Choose the option to Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail.

● Choose Label incoming messages if you’d like Gmail to automatically label retrieved messages.

● Choose the option to Archive Incoming messages (Skip the Inbox) if you’d like messages to go right to your Archive without appearing in your inbox.

10. Choose the option to Add Account when finished configuring your preferences. If you do not see “Your mail account has been added”, make sure the information you provided in steps 5 through 9 is correct.

11. Select No and then Finish when you are done adding mail accounts.