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If you uploaded your files via ftp and when browsing your website see a message like this:

The reason for this is that the server needs to have an index file in the directory requested in order to show a web page. This can be an “index.php” file or an “index.html” file.

The most common reason for this is that files have been uploaded to a sub-directory instead of the “public_html” directory. In the above example we can see there is a blog sub-directory. So the files have been uploaded to “public_html/blog” instead of just “public_htm”l. If you made this mistake then the easiest way to fix it is to delete the files again in your ftp client and re-upload them to the correct directory.

If you did intend to have your files in a sub-directory and want to redirect to it, then please see our article on [How do I do a website redirect] as a way to redirect this request to your /blog directory.

If you want to create an index.html file you an do this:

a) In your find functions search box type “file manager”.

b) Click on the file manager icon.

Double Click on “public_html” as the files visible on the website are in that folder.

To create the file:

a) Click + File

b) Type “index.html” and click create new file

The file will be created, to edit the file right click on it and select “edit html”

Click the edit option

You can now type in the text you want dispayed on the page. Once done click Save.

If you now go to your website you should see the text you entered here.