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What’s a MIME Type?

MIME types or Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension types provide browsers instructions on how to handle certain file extensions. MIME types are used to identify and assist with browsers understanding new technology and applications as they are introduced. WAP technology is a prime example of how a new extension could have used MIME types to encourage widespread use by end users who knew how to set up and serve this content.

A common example of MIME types used today is the text/html MIME type, which translates to .htm, .html, and .shtml on most web servers and explains to your web browser that all of these file types should be treated as if they were HTML files.

1. Editing MIME Types from cPanel:

a. In the find functons box type “Mime”

b. Click on the “Mime types” icon.

MIME Types for your site can be edited directly from your cPanel interface. Please note, you cannot change any MIME Type values automatically defined by the system.

The above example shows that Apache has been instructed to display .html or .htm files as if they were PHP files. This would be helpful in the situation that you have PHP code inside your .html or .htm files, but were not able to rename them to .php for some reason. It should be noted that this can be very resource intensive and only used with the utmost caution.