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While a lot of people like to use a graphical user interface (GUI) or a wizard to do things, there are those that still like the power and flexibility of the command line. With cPanel that command line is Linux, one of the most powerful and widely used server operating systems in use today. cPanel themselves have done an excellent job of removing the need to do things on the command line, and in fact that is cPanel’s main use. Everything cPanel does could be done from the command line, but very few people have the time and knowledge to do it that way. cPanel does however still give users the option of connecting to the command line, either via ssh (see our article on that) or via the, much simpler to connect to, web based terminal console.

If cPanel does such a good job why would you need the command line? Well there are certain things cPanel does not do. Linux is so flexible, there are a huge amount of tweaks one can do to change the way things work or the performance. It is also sometimes a lot easier to tell clients to paste a set of scripts into the command line than explain to them where to click on cPanel.

Take care when using the command line. One wrong command can wipe out important files or your whole site. Also remember you do not have full access to the server, only limited access to perform basic functions.

1. To access the cPanel terminal type “terminal” in the find functions box.

2. Click the terminal icon

3. You are now at the command line and can type in commands as needed.

You now have access to the Linux command line and can use basic linux commands to perform certain tasks. Here are a few commands you can try: