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Softaculous is a tool that is often provided within cPanel that manages the automatic installation and configuration of a library of over 450 different scripts in 26 different categories. These categories include blogs, content management systems, forum software, Wiki’s, ad servers, polls, eCommerce and many more. It provides a rich selection of popular software to allow you to set up almost anything imaginable in one or two easy steps. Some of the more popular programs include WordPress, phpBB, FUDforum, MediaWiki, PHPList, LimeSurvey, Magento and osTicket.

The library is kept up-to-date with the latest versions of all the software and will also automatically upgrade any software that you have installed.

We provide a similar tool called Installatron. This has many more features that Softaculous, including the ability to clone installations, reset passwords and easily backup creation to name a few.

To access Installaton type Installatron in the find functions box and then click the Installatron icon

You will then be taken to the Installatron system.