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1. To access the backup tool:

a. Type “backup” in the find functions box

b. and click on the “Backup Wizard” icon

2. Click on “Download a full Account backup”

3. You can now select a backup destination of

a. Home Directory – This is saved to the home directory on the server, and you can download the file from there. It is our recommended way of doing this.

b. Enter your email address where we can notify you once the backup is done.

c. Click Generate backup.

4. The system will now inform you that a full backup is in progress and you can click “Go Back” .

After clicking “Go Back” you will be back at the backup page.

If you are waiting for the backup to complete you can press the refresh button on your browser to check if it has finished.

5. Once it has:

a. you will see “Backups Available for Download”

b. and a backup with today’s date. You can click on that name and allow your browser to save it to your PC.

Please save it to a location you will easily be able to find if you need it and preferably one that is backed up. If you ever need to restore the backup please see our article [How do I restore a backup].

c. Now click go back.

6. It is not necessary if you have a full backup, but if you wish to keep a separate backup of your home directory, database and email forwarders then you can do so.

a. Click “Home Directory” to download the home directory backup.

b. Click on each of the databases under “Download a MySQL Database Backup” to download a database backup

c. Click on each of the domains under “Download Email Forwarders” to download email forwarded configuration backups.