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Restoring a backup is hopefully something you do not need to do, but you would be surprised to know that web developers sometimes make mistakes and want to get a file back from a previous day. Backups are thus not something that are only needed in the case of a sever disaster, but can also be for minor reasons as well. With cPanel, restoring backups is very easy and you can choose what you want to restore: all files, databases or email.

1. In this step you will use the files you saved from our article [How do I backup my website]

a. Type “backup” in the function search box

b. and click on the “Backup” icon

2. You will now have the option of restoring either:

a. A home directory backup

b. A MySQL database backup

c. Email forwarders

d. Email filters

Click “Choose File” for the one you want. Choose the correct file you saved in the steps for making backups. Then click Upload. The system will now restore the files from the backup.

3. It is also possible to restore a single file or directory.

a. To do this type “File and Directory” into the find functions search box.

b. Click on the “File and Directory Restoration” icon.

4. The file and Directory restoration page will show with the following options

a) Enter the directory name or the full path a file you need to restore

b) Click Show Backups

c) Click Restore to the right of the one you want restored

d) click the red “restore” button to confirm any existing files can be overitten.

5. The system will restore the file and confirm it is complete with the green popup message.