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cPanel has excellent email facilities that give you complete control and flexibility in the way you handle emails. Adding emails, clearing them via webmail, imap or pop3, forwarding single mailboxes to another or whole domains to another domain, or even to your gmail account if you like.

First we will look at how to add an email account.

1. Type “email” into the function search box in cPanel and click on the Email accounts icon.

2. Click the “Email accounts” icon.

a) If you have more than one domain, select the domain you want to add an email account to in the dropdown box.

b) Enter the mailbox name you want to create, for example “info”

b) Enter the mailbox name you want to create, for example “info”

c) Either enter a password or click generate, make sure to keep a record of the password.

d) Click the CREATE button

3. You will now be returned to the list of all mailboxes.

4. When setting up an email client always select the IMAP option, the settings to use are as follows:

• Username: the mailboxname and domain name you just created
eg: info@testingonly.webstarz.com

• Password: the password you noted above

• Incoming server: cpanel05wh.sin1.cloud.z.com

• IMAP PORT: 993

• Outgoing server: cpanel05wh.sin1.cloud.z.com

• SMTP PORT: 465

5. If you have an existing email client you can use that or you can choose one of the following recommended ones:

a) Webmail: Goto https://cpanel05wh.sin1.cloud.z.com:2096/ and login with the email address and password. See our article on using cPanel Webmail.

b) Thunderbird: (Free Opensource) https://www.thunderbird.net/en-US/

When setting up Thunderbird your settings need to look like this, just replace the name, email and password with the details you created in step 2. The username for incoming and for outgoing is the full email address.

c) Outlook

i. Click IMAP

ii. Fill in the password

iii. Click “YES”

iv. Close the Box

d) Mail (included with Windows 10)

i. Select Advanced setup

ii. Select IMAP

iii. Complete the details and click “Sign In”.

There are many other email clients, but they use the information as specified in #4.