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MySQL is an open-source relational database initially developed in 1995. After Oracle acquired the rights in 2010 the original founder forked the project to create MariaDB. cPanel uses both the MySQL and MariaDB versions which are now slightly different but are still compatible.

The power of a relational database is the ability to query and alter data from the database using a combination of conditions on the fields present in the table being worked on. MySQL has been one of the most popular due it being open source and reasonably fast. As a result it became part of the widely used LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) software stack and hence was adopted by cPanel which further popularised its use among hosting users.

If you use the Installatron application to install projects like WordPress, then the database is automatically created for you. If however you are installing other applications or developing your own, you may need to create the database yourself.

To start creating your MySQL database:

a. Type “mysql” into the find functions box.

b. Then click on the “MySQL Database Wizard” icon.

STEP 1 : Create A Database

You will be prompted to create a database by entering the name you want. The system automaticaly prefixes the name with your username on the system.

a. We will create a database called “test”.

b. Click “Next Step”.

STEP 2 : Create Database Users:

a. We will create a user called “testu”

b. The best way to do the password is to click Password generator

c. Click “Generate Password” Copy and save the password in a safe place.

d. Tick the box to confirm that it is done

e. Now click “use password”.

f. Then click “Create User”

STEP 3 : Add user to the database:

a. You will be prompted to allocate privileges to the user,click ALL PRIVILGES

b. And then click Next Steps

STEP 4 : Complete the Task:

The database and associated user is now created.