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FTP accounts are primarily used in order to upload or manage files for your website. Typically, FTP accounts are automatically created when you sign up for a hosting account, make a cPanel account, make an addon domain for one of your primary domains or subdomains, or enable anonymous FTP. Therefore, you more than likely already have an FTP account that was created for you in cPanel, which uses your cPanel Username and Password to authenticate.

If you’d like to give someone access to your website, such as a developer or designer, you’ll want to create a new FTP account to provide them access without compromising your personal cPanel login information. For each FTP account you create, you can also restrict or grant different levels of access by restricting that FTP account to a specific file directory.

1. To create and FTP Account

a. Type “ftp” into the find functions box

b. Select the “FTP accounts” icon

c. Type the name of your new FTP user account in the Login input field

d. Choose the domain that should be appended to the login

e. Type a secure password in the Password input field. This will be used to authenticate your FTP user when logging in.

f. Select a quota for your new FTP user account. A Quota is the maximum bandwidth an FTP is allowed to use. If left unlimited, your new FTP user account will have the ability to use the maximum amount of bandwidth available for your cPanel account.

g. The Directory field will auto-populate with directory information automatically based off the FTP username, but this may be incorrect based on your needs. You may edit the directory to better suit the needs of you and your new FTP user by removing everything after public_html/ and providing the correct directory you’d like your new FTP user to be able to access.

By removing everything in the Directory field and typing a single forward slash (“/”), your new FTP user will have access to everything in the home directory.

NOTE: This step is where you determine what level of access to your server your new FTP user will have. The new FTP user will not be able to navigate anywhere outside of the directory you specify; however, they will be able to have access to all the files and subfolders within the specified directory.

h. Select the option to Create to save your new FTP user.