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PHP error logs are a handy resource when you are having issues as they log details of any errors that any PHP code on your website has. It will log errors for your PHP code, for WordPress and any other PHP based code.

1. To enable php error logging

a. Type “php” into the find functions search box

b. Click on the “Select PHP Version” icon

2. Click on “Switch to PHP Options”

3. Ensure that:

a. “error_reporting” is set to “E_ALL”

b. and that “log_errors” is ticked.

Any changes you make are saved as you tick them.

4. To view the log files:

a. Type “File Manager” in the find functions box

b. Click on the “File Manager” icon

5. The file manager will now come up. Go into the “public_html” directory by clicking on “public_html”

6. The file we want to view is” error_log”, right click the file and click view

7. The details of the error log will be shown on the screen.