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Email forwarding is very useful if you want to setup generic email boxes, but do not want to add a separate mailbox to your email client for each of them. Setting up things like sales@, info@, accounts@ come to mind as examples where this is useful, or even in cases where people sometimes make a mistake in typing your name, so you could forward antony@ to anthony@ to catch any misspellings.

Forwarding can also be used for cases where you do not want to create a mailbox at all, but forward email to an existing email account, gmail for example. We do not recommend this method however as mail can more easily get lost due to spam filters.

1. Type “forward” in the function search box and click on the “Forwarders” icon.

2. Click “Add Forwarder”.

3. You can now:

a. Type in the address you are creating eg: sales.

b. Select the domain it is for if you have more than one domain.

c. Type in the email address that it should be forwarded to.

d. Click “Add Forwarder”.

4. The forward is now set up.