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Using Index Manager in cPanel

Index Manager gives cPanel users the ability to secure their website by preventing people from seeing a listing of all your files and subfolders called an Index. This “Index of/” page can appear when you have a directory that does not have an index.html file. This happens by default and may not be the intended action you’d like for your visitor’s experience. The Index Manager turns this feature off, so your website visitors will never see this open list of files.

How to Use the Index Manager

1. From cPanel, select the option for Index Manager.

2. Choose the option for Web Root or the domain name/subdomain name you want to view options for. (The option Web Root will show you all publicly viewable folders for your account.)

3. Choose a folder to see its contents. Select the name of the folder to change it.

4. If you’d like to disable directory indexing, select the setting for “No Indexing”.
If you’d like to enable directory indexing, select the setting for anything except “No Indexing”.

NOTE: If you use a custom .htaccess file, the cPanel editor may not recognize your custom changes and will instead append any changes made to the end of the .htaccess file instead. This could result in an Internal Server Error.


• If you have changed your Directory Index line in your .htaccess file to:
DirectoryIndex index.php

• Following the directions above may cause cPanel to append the following:
DirectoryIndex index.phpOptions -Indexes

• Which can be resolved by moving any cPanel changes to a new line:
Options -Indexes