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Protect and secure your personal information, your domain, and your website at no additional cost when you purchase your domain name with us.

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When you purchase domain name with us

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Protect your domain and website

Whois Privacy Protection by Z.com is a service that offers privacy protection for your domain, keeping your data safe and private.

When an owner registers a domain, ICANN, the international governing body for domain names, requires every domain registrar to maintain a publicly viewable database that displays the personal contact information for every registered domain. With WHOIS Privacy Protection enabled, it will hide this information from spammers, marketing firms, and online fraudsters. Instead, they will display generic WHOIS contact information.

FREE WHOIS Privacy Protection

Why pay more for your domains? Unlike many other registrars, your domain’s contact

information is kept private with us, at no additional cost, as long as you keep your domain with us.

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Not applicable to selected TLDs/ccTLDs due to regulatory restrictions.

Hide & protect your personal information
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  • Keeping your sensitive data safe
  • Filter junk emails, spam or phone calls
  • Prevent potential stalkers or hackers attacking your site and info
  • Protect against unauthorised access to your site and domain

Flexible Control

Update your settings any time you want. It’s easy to enable and disable WhoisGuard

from within one simple control panel.

Whois Privacy Protection Sample

Name Whois Privacy Protection Service by onamae.com
Organisation Whois Privacy Protection Service by onamae.com
Street 26-1 Sakuragaoka-cho Cerulean Tower
City Shibuya-ku
State Tokyo
Postal Code 150-8512
Country JP
Phone +81 354561234
Email proxy@whoisprotectservice.com

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Please note
  • If we reasonably judge that the use of Whois Information Disclosure Agent violates or may violate the law, we may suspend the use of this service. In that case, we will stop the service and post your registration information on Whois.
  • In the future, due to changes in Whois information posting policy by ICANN, etc., there may be cases where the specifications of Whois information disclosure agency are changed or services cannot be provided.
  • For some services such as SSL certificates, if you want to use whois information of your domain as a means of verifying your identity, please select from the following methods.
  • Temporarily cancel the Whois information disclosure agency, and reset the “Whois information disclosure agency” after the approval work is completed.
  • In the following cases, we may cancel the Whois information disclosure agency.
    1. If you are using to send junk mail or phishing sites
    2. When infringing a trademark right