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  • Free Backup & One Click Restore
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  • Free Staging Environment
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Take your WordPress site to the next level with Z.com Hosting for WordPress

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Set & Forget Setup and Updates

With a managed Wordpress hosting service like Z.com, you can start creating your website the moment the server is built without having to enter a single command. Login now takes as little as 1-2 minutes, so you’ll save on time compared to a typical web hosting service.

With Z.com for Wordpress, no more need to worry about version updates as that is done automatically by us, so you don’t have to keep using old versions at an increased security risk. Aside from that, databases can also be automatically set up.

Ultra Fast SSD Storage

Did you know that one of the main causes of a slow website is the slow retrieval of data from a web host’s hard drives? This type of HDD storage is the standard of most web hosting companies, but with Z.com, we use SSD Storage - known for reaching speeds neary TWICE that of HDD with SSD Storage, your site is more stable and ready to take on sudden traffic spikes without slowing down.

Fast Data Storage

1 Click Site Cloning

You can easily make a copy of your published WordPress site. This feature is also useful for creating multiple websites.

Testing Enviroment
(Staging Enviroment)

No need to worry about sudden changes to your live website. Z.com provides you with a Testing Enviroment (Staging Enviroment), so you can avoid the frequent mistake of deploying unstested changes to your live website. In this safe enviroment, you can change and play with your site all you want without compromising the live version. Now, even beginners can have some peace of mind.

With typical web hosting services that don’t have testing environments, you would need to create a duplicate enviroment by yourself every time.

Scale, building

Scale In/Scale Out

Any website could experience sudden spike in traffic at any given time. Z.com for WordPress automatically adjusts server resources according to your traffic to give your visitors an optimal experience.

Free Automatic Backup Feature

We make sure that your WordPress site is automatically and fully backed up once a day. When trouble comes up, you can easily restore your site with one click. Of course you can still do manual backups in your own time, but at least you can be reassured taht we also got your back.

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SSL for Website Safety and Reliability

SSL(https) is the world standard for protecting onelnine transactions, and is used by millions of websites. By using an SSL Certificate on your website server, you gain the ability to prevent potent malware attacks, intrusions, loss of data, and abuse. In doing so, you will boost your webiste’s value and reliability.

And some more features for you...

  • “phpMyAdmin” for managing your database online
  • “Error Log” for checking nginx and PHP errors from the last 5 days
  • “Cache system” with cash clear and system off features



Additional Wordpress 5 10 30
Disk Space 10GB 30GB 100GB
Visitors Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Data Transfer 15GB/day 50GB/day 200GB/day
My SQL 512MB/wp 1GB/wp 2GB/wp
Auto-Scale - Check icon Check icon
Email Account Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Unique IP Address (Optional) S$4.27 S$4.27 S$4.27
SSL Certificate (Optional) S$2 S$2 S$2
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