100 Ways to Make Money Online in 2021

The internet is a powerful tool for making money. It made it possible for people to work from home, start their own businesses, and make extra income on the side.


Whether you are looking to earn some quick cash or want to create a long-term source of revenue, there are many ways that you can make money online.


The best part about these opportunities is that most of them are available 24/7. If you don't have time during the day, but still need an additional income stream aside from your job — this one is perfect for you.


You will find here various ways to make money online, with everything organized by category so it will be easy for you to find what interests you.


Let's get started!


Disclaimer: We strive to keep all information here accurate and up to date. Some of what you may read here may be different than what financial firms, service providers, or a specific product’s site may show. When deciding which method to try, please review the pros and cons of each first and evaluate it yourself whether or not it is the right fit. Some of the methods here may not work for each and everyone. Try at your own risk.



This is one of the most popular ways to make money online. Your blog can be any topic you like. You don't need to be an expert on anything, you just need to show that you are capable of writing interesting content about your chosen niche.


You can start with absolutely zero experience or you can also hire bloggers who already know how to write. It also doesn’t have to cost that much since you can host with us for only $1.50 per month only.


 If you don't know what you should blog about, you can think of your passions and interests and find something you like.


1. Display ads


The display ads you place on your blog page will work just like regular advertisements on websites you see around the web like the one shown below.


Source: I Am Aileen


You can opt to either sell spaces on your blog yourself to businesses, or you can even use a popular website like Google Adsense, Media.net, or PropellerAds, which you can actually get approved for in no time.


When displaying ads on your blog, make sure to balance it out with your content so it wouldn’t feel annoying to the visitor.


2. Recommend affiliate products


On your blog, you can recommend affiliate products and earn a commission for every sale you make. Naturally, this is more effective if you use the products yourself and know them personally.


Some businesses online have their own affiliate programs. There are also websites like ClickBank, ShareASale, and CJ Affiliate, where you can join and promote various products you like.


Source: Clickbank


Another strategy you can use is to check out the top products on affiliate websites. Then, create a review on your blog about that product and promote that. Since they are already top products, you have a higher chance of earning a sale.


3. Offer services


If you are good at something, you can monetize that skill and offer it anywhere in your blog or website.


You can create a "hire me" page on your website. Then, mention your services and skills in the blog posts and provide a link where potential clients can check out your experiences and portfolios.


Source: Online Income Teacher


A brilliant example would be if you are a web designer. You can write about design and offer your services. If you have programming skills, you can write about the latest news in this industry and share your own projects or opinions.


Facebook and Other Social Media Platforms


Facebook has around 2.85 billion monthly active users now according to Statista. With that comes plenty of opportunities to earn through Facebook especially now that the platform added new features to help its users earn money.


4. Facebook Marketplace


The Facebook Marketplace connects you with local sellers. Using the marketplace, you can buy and sell products or items through your Facebook account.


Source: Facebook Newsroom


But remember though, Facebook doesn't have a feature yet where you can transact everything through the marketplace. You will have to contact the buyer and negotiate where you can meet up and how much the price will be.


5. Live selling


You can also make money on Facebook through live selling. If you are in the business of selling products, you can actually do it in real-time. All you need to do is go live on Facebook and sell your products to the viewers.


Source: Facebook Newsroom


You don't need to have a business page to do a live selling on Facebook since you can use your personal account to go live.


However, you may want to think about creating a business page since you can only add up to 5,000 friends to your personal account. In addition, with a business page, you can run advertisements and reach more people.


6. Run in-stream ads on videos


If you are a content creator on Facebook, you can earn money simply by including in-stream ads on your videos. These are the short video ads you see on Facebook before, during, or after a video.


Source: Facebook for Business


You should know though that one of the eligibility requirements to be able to show in-stream ads is to have 10,000 followers and 600,000 total minutes viewed in the last 60 days. This takes time so make sure to take this into account.


7. Social media influencer


If you're the type of person who knows a lot of people and you're influential on social media, you can actually earn money through your influence. Think of Khaby Lame who rose to stardom for his videos and gained lots of sponsorships and endorsements.


Source: Khaby Lame Instagram


There are companies out there who hire you to promote their products and services on your social media accounts.


You can get paid by simply putting a post on your account with a link to the product you're endorsing and you will get paid every time you reach certain milestones of sales.




YouTube is another popular platform you can use to earn money online. Plenty of people make their living through YouTube. You can do the same by simply creating content you feel is valuable and of high quality.


8. Partner program


The YouTube Partner program allows you to earn money by linking your channel to your Google AdSense account.


The eligibility requirements of YouTube's partner program are more forgiving than Facebook. In fact, you only need 4,000 public watch hours in the last 12 months and more than 1,000 subscribers on your channel.


Source: YouTube Help


You can earn a percentage of the ad revenue you get from the views you get. Your earnings will depend on your popularity, views, subscribers, and your video's performance in terms of engagement.


9. Channel memberships


Another way you can earn money through YouTube is by allowing your viewers to access your paid content through your Channel Membership. This is a rather new monetization from YouTube meant to rival Patreon.


That is why you could see a “Join” button on some channels.


Source: Linus Tech Tips YouTube


As you may already know, you can use this feature to provide special perks and benefits for the people supporting you financially.


Your supporters will then get a badge next to their account picture and be able to view exclusive vlogs, go live with you, or get shout-outs.


10. Paid product reviews


Once you become popular and have lots of subscribers, various companies will try and contact you to do paid product reviews.


One good example of that is this tech channel:


Source: Think Media YouTube


Your payment will depend on the number of subscribers you have. You can earn anything from $50 for 100 to 500 subscribers, to even thousands if you have more than 10,000 followers.


11. Twitch


The last one in this category is Twitch. It’s similar to YouTube, but it’s actually another video platform that focuses on gaming. Streamers earn money through various methods. One is ad revenue, which you can earn by promoting your stream on sites like Streamlabs.


Source: Twitch


You can also make money through donations and paid subs. People will be more willing to subscribe if you offer them perks, such as exclusive content and a special section for your subscribers.


People can subscribe to you directly within Twitch and give you a donation. This model is similar to Patreon where you charge a fixed amount each month. The money you earned will be sent to you through PayPal, wire transfer, and other payout methods.


Online Surveys


Participating in online surveys is another way to earn money easily. All you need to do is simply complete surveys for companies and you will be rewarded with money.


Just a bit of note here — the reward may not be that much. You can expect to get around a couple of dollars for every survey you complete. But that's okay considering all you actually need to do is complete a survey and other minor tasks.


12. Swagbucks


Swagbucks is one of the most popular online survey companies you can find today. You may have heard of Swagbucks because you have most likely seen their ads on Facebook.


Source: Swagbucks


Most of the things you need to do with Swagbucks include answering surveys, shopping online, watching entertaining videos, and plainly searching the web.


In exchange, you will earn points to redeem gift cards for retailers like Amazon and Walmart or cash out directly through PayPal. As for the minimum payout, you need to have earned at least $3 before you can cash out.


13. Inbox Dollars


Inbox Dollars is another equally popular and reputable online survey company you can join. They offer you a chance to earn money by completing surveys, watching videos, reading emails, and even surfing the web.


Source: Inbox Dollars


They specifically indicated on their website that brands pay them for consumer input, then they recruit members to do online activities. Those online activities are important consumer data that brands pay, which Inbox Dollars use to pay its members.


The payment options available are PayPal, Visa, and eGitfcard, with a minimum cash out of $15 for the first payout.


14. Survey Junkie


Survey Junkie is one of the highest-paying online survey companies you can find today. You will be required to sign up before you can participate in any of their surveys.


Source: Survey Junkie


The good news is that you only need a Facebook account or your Gmail account at the very least. Once you sign up, you will get access to their database of surveys you can choose from and start earning money in no time.


Within Survey Junkie, there are two communities you can join. The core community centers around opportunities for attitudinal-based market research. The other community offers opportunities related to behavioral market research.


In terms of payment, you can redeem your points with gift cards or convert them to cash and transfer it directly to your PayPal account. The minimum cash out amount is $5.


15. OneOpinion


OneOpinion was founded in 2011, which makes it a bit younger than most popular survey sites today.


Source: OneOpinion


They have a ton of different offers you can choose from to earn money with them, including music streaming services, movies, TV shows, retail stores to shop online, and even travel deals.


They definitely have a diverse list of opportunities to choose from to earn money with them. However, you need to keep in mind that you will only be paid for your opinion, so don't expect too much.


To get paid, you must have at least 25,000 points, which is equivalent to $25. You can then transfer the funds to your PayPal account or redeem your points through gift card options like Amazon or virtual Visa Debit Card.


16. Opinion Outpost


Opinion Outpost is another reputable survey site you can join to start making some extra cash. It's owned by the global market research company, Dynata, which has been around since 1977.


Source: Opinion Outpost


How it works is that after you set up an account, they will send you a welcome email and from then on, regular emails that invite you to take surveys (including all the information you need).


They are transparent as to the type of paid online surveys they give out, including product tests, advert reviews, diary studies, focus groups, location-based services, and ad survey studies.


As for the minimum cash out amount, you must have earned at least $10 to be able to transfer to PayPal. The minimum amount is lower if you choose to redeem the points with an Amazon gift card, which is only $5.


17. CashKarma


CashKarma was launched in 2013 by Andrew Lin, who created Darkfield Software LLC, a full-service mobile app testing and marketing company.


Source: CashKarma


CashKarma also offers a ranking system based on achievements, which allows you to gain more points the better you do. They also have a lot of offers you can choose from to earn money with, which you can get paid through PayPal, for a minimum of $10 cash out amount.


18. MyPoints


MyPoints was established in 1996 and has been around for two decades already.


Source: MyPoints


You will get rewarded for your participation in many types of surveys including opinion polls, product testing, and all sorts of promotions you can find on their website.


They also offer a sort of cashback mechanism, which allows you to get back as much as 40% with every purchase at top retailers like Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, and Best Buy.


You can also convert your points directly to cash, and transfer the amount to your PayPal account, with a minimum cash out amount of $5.


19. Branded Surveys


Branded Surveys is one of the leading online survey companies you can find today. They have millions of members around the world, with the majority in the US, UK, and Canada.


Source: Branded Surveys


It's a reputable survey site that pays fairly well. You can choose from a list of different opportunities to participate in, including diary studies, focus groups, and many others. They have been around since 2012 and you can expect them to be around for years to come.


Once you earn at least $5, you will be able to redeem your points and deposit your earnings to PayPal. Take note that it may take three days before you will be able to see the money in your account.


Art and Creative


If you are into arts and creative works, there are also opportunities online that will allow you to earn money. But be aware that these opportunities are all about selling your work.


20. Cubebrush


Cubebrush is one of the leading online marketplaces that highlights digital art.


Source: Cubebrush


If you are into digital art, then this is a perfect platform for you to showcase your work and get paid. There are several different types of art you can sell here, including illustrations, 3D models, textures, digital paintings, 2D animation characters, and many more.


You will be able to get paid through PayPal. The best part is that it's totally free to join.


21. Gumroad


Gumroad is another online platform that allows you to sell your work.


Source: Gumroad


This is more for creative stuff like digital art, music, videos, tutorials, or anything of the sort. They indicated on their website that creators have already earned more than $516 million from their platform.


They have a unique pricing model, where they take lesser fees the higher your lifetime revenue milestones get. But beware that at the start, you will have to pay a 9% fee until your revenue gets to $1,000. By then, the fee lowers down to 7%.


22. Creative Market


Creative Market is another online platform for you to sell your digital products, especially art.


Source: Creative Market


You can upload your own products at competitive prices. They have millions of buyers on their platform, so you will surely find some clients to buy your work and earn some cash.


Unfortunately, the revenue split here is quite high compared to other platforms. You only get to keep 60% of each sale. On the other hand, that price comes with the fact they would help you promote your products.


23. 99designs


99designs is another great site where you can sell digital art, particularly art for website designs or logo designs.


Source: 99designs


You can choose to join basic contests where only the winners get paid. You will still retain full copyright for your work if you don’t win and will be free to use it however you want to. But they strongly encourage you to include it in your portfolio.


The other way you can earn here is to work directly with clients. Your portfolio will play a significant role in attracting clients. If you go this route, better upload all the best work you have.


Stock Photography Sites


If you are more into photography, there are several stock photo sites where you can sell your photos online. Each photo may not be that much, but the pay stacks up the more images you upload, which translates to more sales.


24. Shutterstock


Shutterstock is one of the leading stock image websites in the world today. They have some sort of earning levels for images and videos where the more people who download your work, the higher you earn.


Source: Shutterstock


But of course, it also results in more competition since there are also other photographers and artists trying to sell their work on Shutterstock as well.


You will get paid through PayPal, Payoneer, or Skrill, with a minimum payout of $35 and a maximum of $2,000 per transaction.


25. Getty Images


After Shutterstock, Getty Images is the second leading stock photography website in the world, with more than 1.5 million customers in more than 200 countries, and a community of over 200,000 talented contributors.


Source: Getty Images


To join their contributor community, you must download their app and upload some samples. They will then review your samples and will then send you an email within a week of submitting your application.


As for the payment, every time someone downloads your work, you will earn a royalty, which is usually around 15% to 25% of the price paid by the customer. You can then receive your royalties through either Payoneer or PayPal.


26. 123rf


Founded in 2005, 123rf remains to be one of the most trusted stock photography websites in the world. It has also added a few handy features in its recent updates, including background removal and tools related to content creation.


Source: 123rf


123rf has a really good and organized commission structure. The contributor level starts at level 1, with 30% commissions. This gets higher until level 8 where the commission doubles to 60%, one of the highest in the industry.


You can receive your payment by PayPal, Moneybookers, or via cheques.


27. Twenty20


Twenty20 is another platform for you to sell your images online. You can get paid through PayPal only. But since PayPal is available in the US, this isn't a problem. Unfortunately, they don't have alternative payment systems outside PayPal.


Source: Twenty20


Since Twenty20 uses an unlimited subscriber model for its buyers, that means you will also earn through the subscriber share model. In simple words, you earn from your own share of net subscription revenue.


This might be a bit hard to understand for some. You can check out their explanation about subscriber share and even see a sample table that clearly illustrates how much you can potentially earn.


Stock Music


If you like creating music, you can make money by selling your work. Lots of content creators are looking for original music to use on their content as background music or sound effects.


28. Music Vine


Music Vine is an online music website you can use to download and sell your digital music.


Source: Music Vine


This site lets you upload your original songs for free. You will get paid when someone downloads or purchases your song. The payment mode is strictly PayPal only, with a minimum of $50.


As for the rates, Music Vine has a straightforward structure. For exclusive music you sell on their site, you get 60%. For non-exclusive songs, you earn 35% of the profit.


29. AudioJungle


AudioJungle is another website where you can buy and sell royalty-free music and sound effects.


Source: AudioJungle


If you want to sell your music on AudioJungle, you can apply as an Envato Author, which allows you to sell any digital assets that are being sold on the whole Envato Market.


As for the payment options, there are a lot of methods you can choose, including PayPal (minimum of $50), Payoneer (minimum of $50), and SWIFT bank transfer (minimum of $500).


30. SoundCloud Premier


SoundCloud is one of the largest online communities of artists, bands, audio creators, and music lovers.


With SoundCloud Premier, it’s now possible to upload your music on their platform and get paid for your plays. Note that upon joining, they will ask you to verify the originality of your work in the beginning.


Source: SoundCloud Premier


As for the payment, it may take 45 days after the end of the reporting period before you get your money. Currently, they only support PayPal, and will require you to earn at least $5 before you can transfer it to your account.


31. Bandcamp


Bandcamp is a website that smaller bands and labels use to sell music to the public.


Source: Bandcamp


If you join bandcamp, you will be able to price your music however you want to. They will take 15% of the earnings from the downloads, which lowers down to only 10% once you reach the $5,000 profit milestone.


Then, you will be able to receive your earnings through PayPal.


Online Writing


If you have skills in writing, whether that's creative or informative writing, there are platforms that allow you to earn from your work.


Note that the following are just some of the many online writing websites where you can earn. There are still countless sites that allow you to either publish your own work or work with clients for writing projects.


32. Wattpad


Wattpad is a huge fanfiction writing community and home to 90 million readers. You can write stories, publish them here, and earn some money.


Source: Wattpad


There are various ways to earn money from Wattpad. The most usual way is asking readers for support by linking a Patreon page or a similar service. Some also land brand partnerships, which is the best possible thing that could happen.


Wattpad has also been testing paid stories with select writers. Readers can unlock stories by means of Wattpad coins, which they need to buy with real money, while you get some commission from it.


33. Medium


Medium is another website where you can publish articles. It's a blogging platform with the added benefit of improving the visibility of your writing through its algorithm.


Source: Medium


Think of it as the non-fiction version of Wattpad, although that's not to say there are no fiction articles on Medium (there are, but not as effective).


The primary way of earning from Medium is through their partner program. Program partners can lockout articles and only Medium paid users can access them. The pay depends on how many members read your articles.


34. Quora


Quora is a community-driven question-and-answer site. Before, there was no direct way of earning money from it aside from affiliate commissions, brand partnerships, and endorsements.


Source: Quora


But in 2018, they launched Quora Partners, which is basically similar to Medium's Partner Program. As a partner, you can lock out your answers, and only paid users will be able to read them. You will then get paid in return.


35. Online journalism


This is the most straightforward way to earn money through writing, and if you're passionate about reporting, this could be a good route.


There are countless sites like Newswire and Business Wire where you can publish your work online, and you can earn through their ads, paid subscriptions, sponsored posts, and brand deals.


Source: Newswire


Traditional journalism has been turbulent for several years now, but online journalism has created a new, rewarding environment for writers and journalists to make money.


36. Freelance gigs


There are hundreds of platforms that connect freelancers with potential clients. The most popular ones are Freelancer, Upwork, and People Per Hour.


Source: Freelancer


Project-based work is the best way to earn money online if you want a sustainable income. You can set your own hours and rates while avoiding the commitment of working long-term for clients.


The pay here varies depending on the client and on the project. If you like working with other people, this is a good way for you to earn money by writing.


37. Contena


Contena is a special online platform that helps writers find freelance writing jobs. It's like a job board, but exclusive only to writers.


Source: Contena


Note that Contena is a paid membership site. It costs $497 per year, which comes as rather expensive if you're a bit low on budget. On the other hand, the price comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which you can make use of.


With Contena membership, you also gain access to all their resources, which includes a training program that walks you through how to get started with freelance writing.


38. Listiller


Listiller is another platform meant to empower freelance writers and professional bloggers. The website lists a lot of writing gigs, including those they call internal jobs, paid by Listiller itself.


Source: Listiller


They have a free plan which gives you access only to internal jobs. If you want to see all listings, you must upgrade to a paid account, which starts at a dollar per month only.


39. Writejobs.info


Writejobs.info is like Listiller, but the difference is that they only index external gigs.


Source: Writejobs.info


The amazing thing about this platform, even if it looks a little old, is that it's entirely free to use. You can find here listings even for fiction and poetry writers. It also lists writing contests you can join and win cash prizes.


Quick Gigs


There are also platforms you can use to perform certain tasks and you will get paid. Usually, the tasks are quite simple. On the other hand, more complicated tasks and long-term projects pay better.


40. Fiverr


Fiverr is one of the most popular gig websites in the world. It's called Fiverr since most of the tasks before usually cost $5. But in recent years, the services offered on the website have become more complicated, which results in higher prices.


Source: Fiverr


You can find almost all types of tasks here. For example, there are plenty of gigs here where the worker has to act on camera. There are even others you could hire to pretend as your friend or anyone you want to be.


41. TaskRabbit


TaskRabbit is another gig website you can use to find simple jobs to earn money quickly.


Source: Task Rabbit


Although this one is quite similar to Fiverr, TaskRabbit is more oriented towards local services. For example, if you don't mind doing physical stuff, you can create a gig where you help others move or pack.


It's a great place to find quick jobs you can do in your local area.


42. User Testing


As you know, companies are always looking for ways on how to improve their website. One of the ways they do that is by using a service called User Testing.


Source: User Testing


What you do here is you simply test their website by performing certain tasks you're asked to do. Afterward, you leave your feedback and suggestions on how you think they can make the experience better for their users.


If you plan on using this platform, make sure to provide all the information required. There are a lot of user testers, and opportunities are given only to those that fit the requirements for that certain project.


43. Amazon Mechanical Turk


Amazon Mechanical Turk is a place you go to when you want to make money fast. There are all sorts of tasks available here that only a human can do — like analyzing images or collecting and editing information.


Source: Amazon Mechanical Turk


Unfortunately, the number of tasks you can do in a day is strictly limited. In addition, you can’t use robots, scripts, or any automated methods to complete any of the tasks you were given. If you get caught, you will not be paid (and worse, you might get banned).


44. Moonlighting


If you're looking for something you can do in your free time, you should try Moonlighting. This is like having another side job you can work on whenever you want to make some extra money on the side.


Source: Moonlighting


Moonlighting also has one of the most flexible payment systems. Clients can pay your invoice directly using credit cards, bank transfers, or PayPal. The platform also has a lot of tools and resources you can use to find opportunities faster.


45. Wonolo


Wonolo is another platform that's similar to TaskRabbit but in a more formal setting. Most of the tasks will require you to meet up with the client in person.


Source: Wonolo


With Wonolo, all payments are made through the app. You can choose whether you want the money to go directly to the bank or your debit card when onboarding. Also, workers are paid per shift.


Note that there are some important requirements to qualify as a Wonoloer. Aside from being of legal age, you must have a valid social security number and have access to a smartphone to clock in and out of your shift.


46. Easy Shift


Easy Shift is a unique app that lets you get paid to shop, eat, and explore your city. Their main selling point seems to be about giving you the freedom to earn when and where you want.


Source: Easy Shift


Tasks here are quite simple and fun and are usually things you do when you shop. This includes taking photos, checking prices, and even reviewing the promotions of certain products.


Payments are also fast since they are sent around 2 days after approval via PayPal.


47. Field Agent


Field Agent is another platform you can use to make extra money. The tasks here are similar to Easy Shift, with the addition of certain tasks similar to online survey websites.


Source: Field Agent


Their main goal is to help stores improve and make an impact on them through feedback. Some of the stores included in the tasks are popular ones like Best Buy, McDonald's, Dollar General, Kohl's, and many more.


48. Gigwalk


Gigwalk is a quick and easy side hustle that you can do with your spare time. You filter through jobs in your area that you may be qualified for, apply, and get instant notifications on the latest gigs near you.


Source: Gigwalk


After you accept a gig, you usually have only two hours to get it done. Once you’re finished, you submit your work for approval and the customer verifies and reviews the details of the job.


Once approved, you get paid through PayPal. Gigs usually pay anywhere between $3 to $100.




Ecommerce is hot right now. Whether you're looking to make money online through Amazon, eBay, or your own website, you can find some great options. Now, if you choose to create your own store, you can always buy a domain from us for only $4.90 per year.


But before that, you should know three primary methods to do ecommerce:



      Retail arbitrage

      Private labeling


Here is a table that summarizes crucial information about each one:






No inventory management and no need for a physical store or warehouse.

 High competition and lack of control.

Retail arbitrage

Lower threshold and low barrier to entry.

Riskier than dropshipping and can be time-consuming.

Private labeling

Lower competition and more control.

Might end up with excess inventory and loss.


49. Amazon


In regards to ecommerce, Amazon ranks first in popularity. It currently boasts more than 300 million users and you have the advantage of being able to tap into that large market with Amazon Seller Central.


Source: Amazon


Even though you may not be selling your own brand, you will still get access to Amazon's wide network of buyers worldwide. The best part is you get to earn money even with your hands off the wheel.


There are two types of selling plans on Amazon — one where you pay per unit sold and another where you pay a fixed amount per month. There are also fulfillment fees, referral fees, and some other costs.


50. Etsy


Etsy is an online marketplace you can use to sell your crafts and handmade items.


Source: Etsy


Whether you're a crafter, designer, baker, or simply someone who has the knack for creating something out of nothing, you could easily set up your own shop here and start selling.


Etsy charges a listing fee of $0.20 per item that you list. There is also a 5% transaction fee every time you make a sale on top of shipping and gift wrapping fees.


51. eBay


eBay is one of the world’s largest online marketplaces. As you may know already, it's a platform you can use to buy, sell, and trade items you no longer need.


Source: eBay


Converting your items into cash on eBay may take time depending on the demand of that product you're selling. But you can speed this up if you invest in their boosting and promotion features.


It's free to list on eBay for 250 items and below. More than that, you have to pay $0.35 per listing. They also keep around 12.55% for most categories of the sale price or lower in addition to $.030 per order.


52. Wish


Wish is an ecommerce site you can use to sell virtually anything you want.


Source: Wish


It doesn't matter what you're selling. You can list almost anything you think someone might be looking for, either brand new or used. It works pretty much like eBay and will get you in front of 300 million customers.


There is no listing fee to pay for posting items on the site. Instead, you only need to pay a 15% revenue share on the total order value (including shipping costs) every time you make a sale.


53. Poshmark


Poshmark is an online marketplace app you can use to sell fashion items.


Source: Poshmark


Items you list on Poshmark will be posted on the site for sale. You can then tag each one with keywords you think will help you reach people who are shopping around for the same thing you're selling.


As for the fees, they take a flat commission fee of $2.95 for items below $15. For those that cost more than $15, they take away 20%, leaving you with 80% profit.


54. WooCommerce


WooCommerce is the most popular ecommerce platform you can find online. It's easy to use and you can set it up in just a few minutes with WordPress.


Source: WooCommerce


It's basically a free ecommerce plugin that would add ecommerce functionality to your website.


It's a good way to start an ecommerce business especially if you're on a shoestring budget since you basically need to invest only in the website itself, including the domain and hosting.


55. Shopify


A good alternative to WooCommerce is Shopify, a subscription-based platform you can use to create an online store and sell products.


Source: Shopify


When you sign up with Shopify, you get your own hosted online store, which you can customize using themes. There are also apps you can install to add more functionalities and features to your store.


In a way, Shopify is more of an all-in-one product you can use to build your online store from the ground up.


56. Big Cartel


Some artists and creatives prefer using Big Cartel to build their online store. It’s a web-based, fully-hosted platform that offers a simple way to create an ecommerce website without demanding any transaction fees.


Source: Big Cartel


The good news is, you can try it without cost. They have a free limited account that allows you to list 5 products only, with one image per product.


If you want to update, you need to subscribe to one of their paid plans, which starts at $9.99 per month. Even the paid plans don’t ask for additional fees, and are only there for the benefit of additional features and to be able to add more products on your website.


57. Teespring


Teespring is an awesome platform you can use to create your own T-shirt business.


Source: Teespring


Basically, you design your own T-shirt and you set a sales goal. Teespring creates a custom web page you can use to promote your shirt, run a pre-order campaign, and generate sales from there.


Teespring is free to use and wouldn't charge you for selling a shirt design. They have a base cost for every shirt type and you get 100% of the profit of what you put on top of the base cost.


Grocery Delivery Platforms


If you want to earn online without having to stay in one place, then you can make use of grocery delivery platforms. These apps will connect you with shoppers who don't have the time to buy groceries themselves.


58. Shipt


Shipt is one the biggest delivery platforms. Many shoppers earn as much as $22 per hour simply to shop and deliver grocery orders. But take note that this relies on being able to shop efficiently and quickly.


Source: Shipt


Specifically, the compensation amounts to a base rate of $5 plus 7.5% of the order. Customers can also give tips to the shoppers, which adds up to the total amount earned.


As for the payment, Shipt pays every Friday through direct deposit for all work done the previous Monday through Sunday.


59. Instacart


Instacart is one of the biggest grocery delivery apps. All you need to do to join is download the app and sign up, find orders, shop, then deliver those items to the customers.


Source: Instacart


There are two types of Instacart shoppers.


The first one is full-service, which basically means you become an independent contractor with the total freedom of working whenever you want. Instacart will pay you per batch order.


The other one is in-store shoppers, who are basically Instacart employees and earn an hourly wage. If you choose this route, you get a full-time job and will be scheduled for regular shifts depending on your personal availability.


60. Gopuff


Gopuff is another grocery delivery platform, though they took it to the next level by including extra categories like home essentials, snack delivery, home and office supplies, and even alcohol.


Source: Gopuff


It's a bit like Instacart but includes almost all shopping categories you can think of. On the downside, the app doesn't show you the amount of tip customers give, which might turn you off.




There are a lot of ridesharing apps right now that provide an opportunity for you to earn by simply driving your own car and picking up passengers.


In order to make money, you must be an independent contractor with a qualified ridesharing company that will allow you to work on their platform. Naturally, you must have a driver's license before you can start using these apps to make money.


61. Uber


Uber is the most popular ride sharing platform you can join. It allows you to earn a decent amount of money by simply picking up passengers and dropping them off at their destination.


Source: Uber


What's amazing with Uber is that you don't even need to have your own car to become a driver. They have a vehicle marketplace that lists rental cars you can drive. If you have extra cars, you can also earn from them as a fleet owner.


There are also extra benefits when you drive for Uber. For one, you and your rider get insured for each trip with the Uber app. There are also various rewards available like health insurance plans, phone bill savings, local discounts, and many more.


62. Lyft


Lyft is probably the fiercest competitor of Uber as of now. In terms of service, they offer more or less the same work and pay.


Source: Lyft


One thing that's unique with Lyft is its Express Drive service. They took the car rental game even further by enabling their partner drivers to drive and earn on other platforms — like food and package delivery services.


As for the payment, Lyft has its own payment system, powered by Stride Bank, where you can get paid instantly after every ride. The method is efficient and profitable since there are no transfer fees nor waiting periods.


63. Wingz


Wingz is a newcomer in the ridesharing industry. The company started out in San Francisco and was originally meant to provide transportation to and from the airports.


Source: Wingz


But now, they started offering around-town rides in select cities — specifically in around 16 metro areas and 21 airports.


The difference here is that riders can actually rebook you if they like you as their driver. You will also get all the details before accepting the ride, including how much you will earn.




Becoming an online tutor is one of the most rewarding gigs you can invest your time in. It is also one of the easiest ways you can make money online if you have a passion for teaching others.


On the other hand, the amount of money you will earn may depend on the platform you are using and your track record when it comes to teaching online.


64. Chegg


Chegg is one of the biggest education technology platforms that rival even massive open online course providers. In 2020, it was reported that they had more than 2.9 million subscribers at that time.


Source: Chegg


Becoming an online tutor in Chegg makes good money. When you create lecture notes and combine them with various resources like exam study guides, you can potentially earn more than a thousand dollars per course.


You even retain the copyright on all your materials. Although Chegg licenses your materials, you still retain the ability, without limit, on how you want to use them within your own institution and students.


65. Skooli


Skooli is a personalized online learning platform that strives to meet the needs of learners in the digital age. It was founded in 2014 by the same people that started the company Teach Away.


Source: Skooli


To get started, you must first apply as a Skooli tutor and get approved and verified as someone fit to teach in their platform. Once you're ready to go, you can then set up your schedule and accept help requests from students.


Unfortunately, this opportunity may not be the best for first-timers since Skooli seems to ask for teaching certifications and proof of education related to professional teaching and subject-area expertise.


66. Preply


If you want to teach more creative subjects, then Preply may be a better choice. It's also an online tutoring platform with more than 800,000 students in over 180 countries.


Source: Preply


This platform is a perfect fit for those who want to teach various subjects that are not normally taught in formal schools. Although there are still school and university subjects, tutors here also teach different languages, hobbies, and art.


The good news is that you don't need specific certification or teaching experience to become a Preply tutor. All they need is you have outstanding communication skills and are willing to provide a personalized experience to international students.


67. Tutor.com


Tutor.com is one of the oldest online tutoring services. Founded in 1998, the platform provides an on-demand and scheduled tutoring service to students from the fourth grade through college.


Source: Tutor.com


This is one of those formal services where you must be a teacher, a professor, or an industry professional to qualify.


Even though Tutor.com was founded decades ago, it still continues to add more subjects to its list. They expect to add courses like journalism, data analytics, psychiatric nursing, and many more.



68. TutorABC


TutorABC is a Chinese-based company that provides on-demand and live tutoring services to students in more than 135 countries. It has more than 30,000 teachers and tutors who provide help for math, English, science, and more.


Source: TutorABC


Most of the platform's teachers in the English language are based in the US and UK. Aside from the basic requirements, they need a commitment of 6 peak hours per week for all its teachers.


The pay is based on three components — base pay, completion bonus, and contribution bonus. You will get more rewards the more you stay with them, possibly with an increased rate each month by teaching more sessions.


69. Course Hero


Course Hero is a website where students find college course study materials and ask for homework help.


Source: Course Hero


The same with others on this list, you can earn money by providing tutoring services on select subjects. Note that some subjects may require you to answer and pass an assessment quiz.


As for the credentials, the platform is not really asking for a specific certificate or license since they believe expertise comes in different forms. However, you still need to share proof that you are an expert on your selected categories.


Restaurant Food Delivery


Restaurant food delivery is another way to earn money online without being confined in your own home. You can drive your car or even a bicycle and deliver food to customers.


70. DoorDash


DoorDash is similar to Uber Eats and GrubHub. It's available in over 4,000 cities in the US, Canada, and Australia.


Source: DoorDash


The same with Uber Eats, you must submit your social security number and pass a background check. DoorDash also permits you to with other gig economy and commercial services and deliver orders whenever you like.


71. GrubHub


GrubHub is a popular app that helps customers find and order from restaurants near their location and get the order delivered to them. It's available in most states.


Source: GrubHub


To join them, all you need is a car or bike, a valid driver's license, and a smartphone. They don't require any previous delivery experience.


With GrubHub, you get to keep 100% of the tips given by customers. You can also create your own schedule on when you want to deliver orders. The app partnered with Chase, which allows drivers to withdraw earnings instantly.


72. Uber Eats


Uber Eats is Uber's take on restaurant food delivery. Since Uber is already popular, expect a lot of customers already using the app. If you're already a driver on Uber, you can simply enable delivery requests straight from the app.


Source: Uber Eats


Depending on your location, you won't even need a vehicle at all, since you can deliver orders simply on foot. But beware that you must submit your social security number to them for a background screening.






Dog-sitting is one of the easiest tasks you can do to make money online. You don't need any qualifications or qualifications, you just need to be old enough to look after pets and you get paid.


There are some platforms you can use to find clients easier.


73. Rover


Rover is a popular pet boarding and house sitting app where pet owners hire sitters to look after their pets. The platform has thousands of pet sitters and is trusted around the world.


Source: Rover


To get started, simply build a profile that showcases information pet owners would like. Once you are accepted, all you need to do is create your own schedule, accept bookings, and get paid (usually after two days after the service).


Within the app, it seems that sitters who accept boarding earn the highest. Boarding is when you care for a pet overnight in your own home. Rover revealed that sitters who accept boarding requests earn more than twice than regular sitters.


74. Tailster


Tailster is another platform you can use to find pet sitting jobs.


Source: Tailster


After setting up your Tailster profile and application, you will have to wait around two days to get approved. The platform takes the vetting of the carers seriously. As for the payment, you take home 80% of your earnings.


75. Petsitters


Petsitters is rather unique compared to the earlier two. It works as a matching website where pet owners can find pet sitters and vice versa.


Source: Petsitters


All you need to do here is simply create a profile and find jobs posted by pet owners, or wait for them to contact you. Once you meet an employer, it's then your responsibility to draft a contract and arrange how you want to get paid.




If you want to create content but you're not really that comfortable on camera, you can start your podcast channel and create audio-only content. Podcasting is one of the most popular types of content after videos and text-based content.


76. Sponsorships


Finding sponsors for your podcast can determine whether or not you can now quit your full-time work and focus solely on your podcast business. How much you can earn from sponsors heavily relies on how many downloads your podcast gets.


Although you can always contact companies on your own and negotiate sponsorship deals, there are marketplaces you can use like Podcorn and Gumball where you can list your podcast and attract advertising buyers.


Source: Podcorn


Going direct might do you good if you're already popular. For those who are still building their audiences, using marketplaces can expose you to a lot of advertisers. The downside is you will have to pay the marketplace a commission.


77. Patreon


Patreon is a platform you can use to create a community for your followers that you can charge each month with a subscription fee. It has been popularized by YouTube channels, but it can actually be applied in almost anything that has a user base.


Source: Patreon


Take note that when you gather Patreon subscribers, you will have to connect, discuss, and offer them special content that will make it worth it for them to spend money on your subscription.




If you are an expert on something and you want to write books, you can also write and publish ebooks. On the other hand, you can also work with other ebook writers as a narrator and give life to their books in audio.


Ebooks are getting more popular nowadays thanks to devices that make it easy to download and read ebooks.


78. Write and publish


If you have some knowledge that you think would be helpful to other people then you can, of course, write a book about it. You don’t need anyone’s permission or any special skill except being able to express yourself well in writing.


After writing your ebook, you can then list it on various marketplaces. One of the most popular services you can use is KDP, which stands for Kindle Direct Publishing, Amazon's tool that lets you self-publish ebooks and sell them on their platform.


Source: KDP


As for how much you can earn, you have the option to choose between two royalty options for each of your ebooks.


The first one is 35%, which only applies to works in the public domain or made up entirely of public domain content. The second option is 70%, and can only be applied for in-copyright works only.


79. Narrate audiobooks


You can also earn from ebooks without writing or publishing anything. If you speak well, have a good voice, and you can put together some pretty good sentences, you might consider selling your services as an audiobook narrator.


There are a lot of postings related to audiobook narration on freelance platforms. At the same time, there are also platforms like Amazon's Audiobook Creative Exchange (ACX) that connect audiobook narrators with books to narrate.


Source: ACX


On ACX, you must audition for the books you want to narrate. Then, you can get paid by a per-finished-hour rate upon successful completion and even share royalties from sales with the Rights Holder.




Do you have proofreading skills?


If so, then there is a lot you can do to earn from proofreading. For instance, you could proofread documents as a freelancer or you could even proofread books as a professional proofreader.


Fortunately, there are marketplaces you can use to connect with people who need proofreading.


80. Gramlee


Gramlee is a professional proofreading platform that is always in need of editors. You will work as a contractor with the ability to choose your own working hours.


Source: Gramlee


It's important for you to know that revisions are expected within 24 hours except for weekends. Gramlee gets hundreds of applications per week, so you may have to be patient and wait until they get back to you.


81. Scribbr


Scribbr is a company that offers a plagiarism and citation app as well as editing services. You can apply as a freelance academic editor and work remotely anywhere and whenever you want.


Source: Scribbr


Take note that they ask for a lot of requirements, including a bachelor's degree, availability of at least 10 hours a week, and an academic editing experience.


They also revealed on their site that on average, they pay their editors around $25 for 1,700 words edited per hour. Scribbr indicated specifically that they pay a fixed rate based on the deadline, word count, and selected services.


82. Scribendi


Scribendi is another popular professional proofreading platform you can apply for.


They have openings for various full-time positions if you have the time. They also have freelance editor or proofreader positions where you can choose the types of assignments you want to do on your own schedule.


Source: Scribendi


They have specific requirements for applicants, including at least three years of experience in editing, writing, document production, or language teaching.


Unfortunately, they don't accept applications from select states, including California, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, South Dakota, Washing DC, and a few more.


83. ProofreadingPal


ProofreadingPal is a service that uses the two-proofreader model to make sure there are two people that go through each document every time. They claim on their website that their editors earn between $500 to $3,000 every month.


Source: ProofreadingPal


To join ProofreadingPal, you must be currently employed or enrolled as a graduate or postgraduate student in an accredited college or university with a GPA of at least 3.5.


If not, then you must have a graduate degree with at least five years of professional proofreading and editing experience. They posted other qualifications on the site but these two seem to be the main ones.


Answer Questions


The concept of simply answering questions online and earning money from it was unthinkable decades ago. But now, there are platforms online where expertise is greatly valued and answers are rewarded.


84. Clarity.fm


Clarity.fm is an innovation in human knowledge exchange. Clarity connects you with high-paying clients who are willing to pay you for help on product development, strategizing, marketing, or other business needs.


Source: Clarity.fm


Clarity does this by providing you the opportunity to set your own schedule and rate, which is then converted to a per-minute rate. Naturally, increasing your rate will lower the demand for your calls.


For each completed call, you receive a payment, which already includes the service fee. For now, Clarity.fm uses only PayPal as its payment system where you receive the money into your account two weeks after the transaction.


85. Just Answer


Just Answer is a live Q&A service where questions are answered by experts, usually within minutes. Experts are qualified members of the community who answer questions and earn money in exchange.


Source: Just Answer


According to their website, it's quite possible to earn an average of $2,000 to $7,000 per month. Just know that to get to that level, you will have to work really hard and answer as many questions as possible every day.


The application process usually takes around two weeks. As for the payment, Just Answer uses Hyperwallet, where you can receive payment through direct deposit, PayPal, or Venmo.




If you are an academic or an expert on a certain subject, there are various ways for you to earn as well. There are platforms that can help you make use of expertise, usually by selling your courses.


86. Udemy


Udemy is an online education platform with more than 40 million students in more than 65 languages across 180+ countries. The courses on the website are taught by instructors who are experts in their respective fields.


Source: Udemy


If you become a Udemy instructor, you get a revenue share on the net amount. When the sale occurs through your own promotions, you receive 97% of the revenue. Otherwise, it's only 37%.


It doesn’t cost anything to start out as a premium instructor. There are also no transactional fees during payment. As for the method, you can only receive payout through PayPal, Payoneer, or direct deposit.


87. Teachable


Teachable is a website you can use to create and share your own courses on your own website.


Source: Teachable


With Teachable, you can actually get started for free, although you may have to invest in a website to host your courses. For the free plan, Teachable collects $1 and 10% per transaction for whatever sale you get from your courses.


Paid plans lower the transaction fee and enable you to host your courses on the Teachable platform. The number of tools and features available also vary according to the plan that you have.


Renting Out


It's possible to earn money online by simply renting out an asset that you own. There are marketplaces and websites designed to help you meet people who want to rent a house, car, driveway, and others.


88. Airbnb


Airbnb is a popular company for people who need to rent out a place to crash. This platform is so popular that you may not need further introductions about it anymore.


Source: Airbnb


The website lets you list your house, room, or other living space where you can set your own prices for renting out the property you own. As for the transaction fee, it varies according to how you want to arrange it.


There is a split-fee structure, which is the most commonly used, where the service fee is deducted from the host payment and to the guests as a service fee. The other one is a host-only fee, where 14% to 16% fee is deducted.


89. Vrbo


Vrbo is another popular company you can use to make money online by renting out something you own. The main difference with Airbnb is that aside from living space, you can rent out various assets including skis, cabins, caravans, and even boats.


Source: Vrbo


They have a standard pay-per-booking fee, which is 5% of the charged rental amount, including other fees like cleaning, and any additional payments. There is also a 3% payment processing fee charged on the total payment amount.


You can get paid through their secure payment platform via Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, and is typically dispersed a day after your guest checks in. It takes around five to seven business days before the money is available in your bank.


90. Turo


Turo is a peer-to-peer marketplace for you to make money by renting your car. The company does not own any of the cars it lists but acts as a service that connects you to people who need your car.


Source: Turo


They cover the cost of insurance when you rent out a car, which you can stop or start at any time you want. The revenue you will get depends on the length of the car rental, the type of car you have, and your location.


Typically, you will earn 70% of the trip price, unless you disable their insurance service and use your own commercial rental insurance. On the other hand, you will get reimbursed for fuel and mileage beyond the limit set.


91. Tulerie


Tulerie is a peer-to-peer marketplace for you to make money by renting out your clothing. Once you register on the app, you could lend and borrow at the same time from the community members.


Source: Tulerie


The people behind Tulerie call the app a movement, and for that, makes it free to join. On the other hand, if you lend something out, they charge a 24% lending fee per transaction.


Funds get deposited to your Tulerie funds after the rental period. You can then use the funds to rent or purchase items within the app or cash them out monthly using Stripe, the app's payment partner.


92. Loanables


Loanables is a website you can use to earn money by lending something you own. You can rent out various items you don't use as often as you want like tables, chairs, costumes (you name it), and earn money out of them.


Source: Loanables


The platform's mission is to reduce carbon footprint by helping its borrowers rent instead of buying new things they wouldn't need after some time.


The best thing about this website is that it only serves to connect both parties — the borrower and the lender — and let them complete transactions (including the payment) on their own.


93. Fat Llama


Fat Llama is another popular website that lets you rent out almost anything. Think of it as the updated, paid version of Loanables.


Source: Fat Llama


The beauty of Fat Llama is that they cover items up to $30,000 in partnership with Hiscox insurance. That means as long as the item is below that price point, you can rest assured and don't have to worry about your item.


As for the fees and payment, Fat Llama will charge you a 25% fee that they will automatically deduct from what they will transfer to you. They also have a variety of payment methods, which include Mastercard, Visa, and American Express.


94. Rentah


Rentah is another platform that allows anyone to rent out and borrow almost anything. It’s a unique marketplace since it’s possible for borrowers to request anything in case the item they need isn’t listed yet.


Source: Rentah


You can rent out anything for whatever price you want. It’s completely free to use Rentah, with all payments done through Stripe. Take note though the Rentah doesn’t deal with the actual exchange and has no insurance plans to offer.


95. Boxcar Parking


Boxcar Parking is an app that allows you to rent out your unused parking space in places where there are people who badly need one.


Source: Boxcar Parking


To know how much you can possibly earn from your unused parking space, you must give Boxcar your information first like the address and the town and they will get back to you with the prices.


96. SpotHero


SpotHero is also a contender for parking space rental, with  a track record of parking more than 40 million cars in various locations, including airports.


Source: SpotHero


It’s completely free to rent out your parking space with SpotHero. You can also set the prices yourself, or ask them for recommendations if you’re not sure about the pricing.


As for the payment, they take 35% for each translation. You will receive the pay within the first week of the month through direct deposit only.


Stocks and Investments


You can earn from stocks and investments online without having to leave your house. There are platforms and apps available now you can use to trade, buy, or sell stocks and investments.


Take note that with stocks and investments, you could lose money. Always seek professional financial advice before you invest in any of the methods mentioned below.


We don’t offer any financial advice and only serve to present a guid to show what’s available in the market. Trade at your own risk.


97. Equity and stock trading


One way you can earn money online is by trading stocks and investments. If you plan on doing equity and stock trading, check out Investopedia first and learn the basics of stock trading.


Source: Investopedia


Equity and stocks trading is the process of purchasing shares of equity and stocks. When it comes to trading stocks, it’s important that you keep up with the latest stock market news and events since they largely affect stocks.


98. Forex trading


Forex trading is a popular option when making money online with stocks and investments. It's basically the process of buying and selling different currencies, which takes place in a Forex app.


If you prefer forex trading, check out the guides from BabyPips first.


Source: BabyPips


Forex trading is rather unique since it’s the only continuous and nonstop trading market in the world. When you try forex trading, make sure to develop a strategy first based on the reality of your situation and finances.


99. Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency refers to a digital medium of exchange, which is created and stored electronically in the blockchain.


The idea of cryptocurrency originated as a decentralized system as well as a payment system. The first cryptocurrency ever released was Bitcoin, which is also the most popular one being traded today.


The way you make money with cryptocurrencies is to mine them or trade them on platforms like Coinbase or Binance.


Source: Coinbase


There are also many other ways you can earn from cryptocurrencies such as investing in initial coin offerings, earning from mining altcoins, and lending currencies on collateralized crypto-based platforms online.


You can use your tokens to pay for goods and services, you can also cash them out for your local currency. However, take note that you must pay the trading services for transaction fees.


100. NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens)


Non-fungible tokens are special. They are considered as one-of-a-kind assets in the digital world and can't be divided into separate parts and traded into different platforms or blockchains.


NFTs are fairly new, which is why there are only limited methods, for now, to earn from them. The most popular method currently used is creating and selling digital NFT artworks on sites like OpenSea, Rarible, or SuperRare.


Source: Rarible


There are also play-to-earn NFT games today where you get in-game assets you can sell to others. Games like Axie Infinity also give out their native utility token, which you can exchange on crypto trading platforms.


Start Earning Now


If you are looking for ways to earn online, consider the options highlighted in the article. The internet is a great place to start earning because it’s always open 24 hours per day with an unlimited potential of revenue streams.


To get started, choose one idea from this list that interests you most. You can also try different ones together, especially those that seem interesting to you but you don’t have experience yet. You never know what might work until you try.





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GMO Z.com Pte. Ltd. does not take into account your personal investment objectives, specific investment goals, specific needs or financial situation and makes no representation and assumes no liability to the accuracy or completeness of the information provided here. The information and publications are not intended to be and do not constitute financial advice, investment advice, trading advice or any other advice or recommendation of any sort offered or endorsed by GMO Z.com Pte. Ltd. GMO Z.com Pte. Ltd. also does not warrant that such information and publications are accurate, up to date or applicable to the circumstances of any particular case.


Any expression of opinion (which may be subject to change without notice) is personal to the author and the author makes no guarantee of any sort regarding accuracy or completeness of any information or analysis supplied.


The authors and GMO Z.com Pte. Ltd. are not responsible for any loss arising from any investment based on any perceived recommendation, forecast or any other information contained here. The contents of these publications should not be construed as an express or implied promise, guarantee or implication by GMO Z.com Pte. Ltd. that clients will profit or that losses in connection therewith can or will be limited, from reliance on any information set out here.


Trading risks are magnified by leverage – losses can exceed your deposits. Trade only after you have acknowledged and accepted the risks. You should carefully consider whether trading in leveraged products is appropriate for you based on your financial circumstances and seek independent consultation.

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