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A domain suited for conveying! .info domains are one of the more popular and cheaper extensions on the web which makes them more recognisable, as it is a popular domain for official bulletin or notice websites for services.

If you’re running a service targeting a small locality or worldwide, choosing .info domains will allow you to communicate updates to your customer base easily and seamlessly.

Why choose a .info domain?

A few of the reasons to choose a .info domain

Cheapest Domain extension, making it a good choice for those on a budget.

Not location-specific, and is recognised worldwide.

More easily remembered, and directs users to your latest updates.

Why register your .info domain with us?

A few of the reasons why you should register a .info domain with us. Start your online journey with us.

A brand you can trust

We have been doing this for a long time! Today, at Z.com, we have over 27 million domains registered worldwide!

Freebies with every domain

Our prices include ICANN fees and free WHOIS privacy protection, so you will have everything you need to get started for a domain.

User friendly Control Panel

Manage your domain and other related services with our simple, easy-to-use user control panel.

Browse a .info domain alternative

If your desired domain name is unavailable in .com, you may consider one of the ones below.


Most popular and recognized domain for your business.


Provide you the ideal space to setup an online business.

Take a look at one of our suggested alternatives above or see our price list for all available domain extensions here.


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