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Perfect for single website


Free .com Domain (1 Year) Your annual hosting plan comes with one domain free.

Free TLDs available:
.com, .shop, .info

1 Website

1GB SSD Storage

50 Email Account

Free SSL Certificate


Ideally for personal website


Free .com Domain (1 Year) Your annual hosting plan comes with one domain free.

Free TLDs available:
.com, .shop, .info

25 Website

10GB SSD Storage

100 Email Account

Free SSL Certificate


For Business and E-commerce site


Free .com Domain (1 Year) Your annual hosting plan comes with one domain free.

Free TLDs available:
.com, .shop, .info

Unlimited Website

100GB SSD Storage

Unlimited Email Account

Free SSL Certificate













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Get a free .com, .shop or .info domain and SSL certificate with any of our 12-months web hosting plans

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Perfect for single website

57% off




Ideally for personal website

55% off




For businesses and E-commerce site

58% off



Top Feature
Websites 1 25 Unlimited
SSD Storage 1GB 10GB 100GB
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Email Account 50 100 Unlimited
Databases 1 5 15
SSL Certificate
Advanced Firewall
Malware Detection
Proactive Defense
Free Perks
Free Domain (1-Year) .com, .shop, .info,
.online, .site, and .xyz
.com, .shop, .info,
.online, .site, and .xyz
.com, .shop, .info,
.online, .site, and .xyz
ICANN Fees Included Included Included
WHOIS Privacy Protection
WordPress Toolkit
cPanel Version 106.0 (build 14) 106.0 (build 14) 106.0 (build 14)
100+ Free Applications
File Manager
1-Click Restore Manager
Service and Support
30-days Money Back
Technical Details
SSH Connection
PHP Versions PHP 8.0/8.1 PHP 8.0/8.1 PHP 8.0/8.1
HTTP/2 enabled servers
More Features
DNS Management
Add-on Domains 0 9 Unlimited
Sub-Domains 0 25 Unlimited
Spam Filter

Note: You must pay the standard renewal fee for the free domain awarded during the registration promotion. Refer to the domain price list here. If you do not wish to renew the service, kindly contact our Customer Service team and apply for the cancellation.

30-Days Satisfaction Guarantee

You are protected by our 30-days Money Back Guarantee Program!
Get 100% refund from the signup date if you are not happy with our service.

Optimized most Popular Application with one Click Installation!

Launch over 100+ free applications


A wide variety of tools to satisfy startup to advanced user needs.

Faster Performance

Get faster website performance for better user experience thanks to our servers that run on SSD disks.

Unmetered Bandwidth

With unlimited bandwidth, you can grow your business instead spending time worrying about the bills

Website Security

Increase your sales by providing a safe environment for your customers with free SSL Certificate.

Reliable Email Service

Create email accounts with your own business domain and check your email from anywhere in the world. Stay safe from SPAM.

Website Backup

Always backup your files manually to make sure it is always up to date for recovery.

cPanel Manager

Work with the simple and user-friendly control panel without having to try to figure it out all over again.

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Better pricing that will not break your budget + Excellent service verified by Livechat

Starting From $1.91/mo $2.99/mo $6.99/mo $2.95/mo $4.95/mo
Free Domain
Free SSL Certificate
Website 1 1 1 1 1
Email 50 1 10 5 Unlimited
Storage 1GB 50GB 25GB 10GB 10GB
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Money Back Guarantee

* based on 1- year contract and lowest-entry plan

Established Web Hosting Leader

We are the #1 Web Hosting Provider in the Asia Pacific. With over 800,000 customers across the Asia Pacific, we are committed to you.

Proven Track Record

With over 27 years of experience, we have provided web hosting services for companies and individuals, from entrepreneurs to MNCs.

Bigger Storage Space

We have one of the largest storage space for web hosting. Stores over thousands of articles, images and videos without worrying about space again.

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Find answers to frequently asked questions about Domain

Web hosting is simply offering storage space for any application or website on special computers called servers. Once a website is hosted or stored on a server, users can simply access it by typing the domain name (web address) in their browser.

Hosting is made possible by web hosts, which are companies that rent out their resources and technologies to host websites on the web. Once your website is hosted, it can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection and a web browser. When a person types your domain name to their web browser, their computer connects to the server that hosts your website.
Hosting a website in Philippines is not as hard as most people make it be.
Here is what you need:

1) Choose the right platform- WordPress is a good choice for personal blogs and business websites. Magento may also be a good option if you want an online store.

2) Get a domain name- Registering a domain is easy since there are many domain name registrars from Philippines that can help you get the domain name you desire.

3) Select a web host- A web host will offer all the technologies needed to ensure that your website is online.

4) Connect website to the domain- Once you get a web host and a domain, you can use the 1-click installation that your web host offers to publish your website.
Shared hosting- Websites are stored on the same server as hundreds or even thousands of other websites. They all share the same resources.

Virtual Private Hosting- This hosting service divides a server into different virtual servers that mimic dedicated servers but are still in a shared environment.

Dedicated hosting- In dedicated hosting, you choose to rent and store your website on one exclusive server.

Cloud hosting- in cloud hosting, different computers work together and use combined computing resources through a network such as the internet.

Wordpress hosting- Recommended for Wordpress sites since they are customized to cater to Wordpress-built sites.
Starting at a low cost of just $2.91/month, we are proud to be an industry-leader for cost performance. As a large company, we are able to achieve economies of scale and pass on our cost savings to our valued customers, while investing in powerful hardware at the same time.
Depending on what you are looking for, we have the necessary infrastructure in place to support the needs from a blogger to a large e-commerce and corporate website. At the same time, as we have servers around the world, you can scale up with us without looking for a new web hosting company overseas.
Yes! We have 100+ free web applications via one-click installation, be it for content management, community building, e-commerce, statistics or surveys. This includes popular apps like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and more!
Our servers have an uptime of over 99% and are housed in world-class data centers that are equipped with fire protection, disaster prevention, and power failure countermeasures. Moreover, they are also manned and monitored 24/7/365 in a secured environment.
Yes, to make your website safer, we are currently offering free TLS certificates issued by Let’s Encrypt, a trusted authority for SSL certification. Our email also comes with the industry-leading spam filter, Cloudmark Authority.
In your “Find Functions” box, type “Installtron” and click on its icon.
Click on the “Wordpress” icon.
Click “install this application”.
You can leave most options at their defaults.
Click “Install”.
The installation will proceed and will give you a progress update as it is.
Once the installation is complete, the system gives you a nice summary section. At this point, click on the “wp-admin”
which will take you to the newly installed WP page, login with the Username and Password you noted earlier.

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