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August 28, 2020
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5 Online Marketing Strategies Entrepreneur Needs

The Internet has transformed how we build and promote businesses, as such we now have access to far more resources and opportunities than before. Some might think that online marketing is optional however, you might miss out on an abundance of sales opportunities, especially during this pandemic where traditional face-to-face marketing may not be viable. Here, we have listed 5 online marketing strategies that every entrepreneur needs:  

1. Branding:

Brand yourself first then your company. This gives you the opportunity to leverage a more trustworthy, personal image to promote your brand. Branding helps to achieve the level of top-of-mind awareness needed to help your business to stand out.


2. Social Media Marketing:

  Social media marketing (such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & etc.) has a significant potential in building and nurturing a social media audience. Your content and ad image play a heavy role here, as it will likely be the attractive factor to lure your audience. By running a social media ad, you stand to gain greater brand visibility, reputation and far more inbound traffic.


3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO is the process of growing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website in search engines. It will help you to get more traffic from user when they searching for the keywords, product or services you offer, which will affect your Google ranking. When more users visit your website using google search, your website will appear in the page 1 of Google search result page.


4. Email Direct Marketing (EDM):

EDM is a good marketing strategy as there is no significant cost of execution. Collecting leads from various channels (such as your existing customer base, social media and etc.), and create a simple content such as newsletter can bring more engagement to your site.


5. Video Content Marketing:

Videos serve as visual aids to enhance the advertisement by strengthening audience engagement. Based on research, YouTube is the second largest search engine next to Google. It is not just a platform for you to upload your video but also a social engine, which means the content you post on YouTube can easily be shared across numerous audience. By watching a video, it actually leaves a deeper impression on the audience. However, video marketing using YouTube is rather costly.

  These strategies provide outreach through different channels and complement each other, driving higher potential return for your business.
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