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₱458 ₱1415
₱580 ₱1415
₱465 ₱1415
₱55 ₱3913
₱1,421 ₱3913
₱1,421 ₱3913
₱156 ₱2409
₱1,055 ₱2409
₱1,055 ₱2409
₱711 ₱1635
₱711 ₱1635
₱711 ₱1635
₱417 ₱1661
₱598 ₱1661
₱598 ₱1661
₱245 ₱2093
₱904 ₱2093
₱904 ₱2093
₱141 ₱1672
₱614 ₱1672
₱614 ₱1672
₱55 ₱4074
₱1,452 ₱4074
₱- ₱-
₱760 ₱1324
₱470 ₱1324
₱470 ₱1324
₱545 ₱3245
₱1,423 ₱3245
₱- ₱-
₱2,364 ₱7685
₱2,646 ₱7685
₱3,931 ₱7685
₱2,364 ₱7685
₱2,788 ₱7685
₱3,387 ₱7685
₱1,044 ₱2845
₱1,044 ₱2845
₱- ₱-
₱2,564 ₱5647
₱2,678 ₱5647
₱- ₱-

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Find answers to frequently asked questions about Domain

A domain name is simply the online address of your website. Domain names are preferred to IP addresses since they are easy to remember. An IP address, on the other hand, is in numeric form and may be difficult for users to remember.

How does it work? Once you key in the domain name in your browser’s address bar, your web host will forward your request to the web server. The server compiles the web page or information requested and sends it to the browser.
Domain forwarding is a technique that allows you to use your website URL to link visitors to a different URL you choose. It also includes two options: forwarding only and forwarding with masking. Both options will redirect your visitors, but forwarding with masking has additional features you can use.

For example:
1) Forwarding only - When someone types example.com in a browser address bar, they will be redirected to the site example.net, and the browser address bar will show example.net.
2) Forwarding with masking - When someone types example.com in a browser address bar, they will be redirected to the site example.net. The browser address bar will continue to show it as example.com.
Looking for a domain? Z.com offers affordable domain price, on top of that our domain price also inclusive of ICANN fees and WHOIS privacy protection. However, do take note that WHOIS protection is not applicable to selected ccTLDs due to regulatory restrictions.
Domain Extension Price per Year
.com 458.28
.com.ph 2,364.36
.ph 2,364.36
.biz 244.53
.info 156.18
A Top-Level Domain (TLD) is the last segment of a domain name that follows the dot symbol. Its main purpose is to identify everything associated with a website such as its purpose, geographical area of origin, and its owner among others.

TLDs are classified into two main categories; generic and country-specific. Each TLD is manned by a specific organization under the guidance of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).
Some TLDs have their common uses as follows:

  • .com – Commercial businesses
  • .org – Mostly by non-profit organizations
  • .net – Network organizations
  • .ph – Organizations in Philippines
Registration begins immediately when you choose a domain name. Thereafter, the registration request is submitted to the registrar along with the following information:

1. The name and contract information of the domain’s owner, administrative and financial contacts
- This should include:
       Email addresses.
       Physical addresses.
       Contact phone numbers.

2. The desired domain registration term.
3. Payment.

information However, before you register your domain name, you will be required to confirm whether your name has been copyrighted. After which, you can now review and determine the domain’s contract period.

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