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June 29, 2022
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How to Use the LTO Portal: The Ultimate Guide for Motorist

Do you need to apply or renew your driver’s license?


Fortunately, it’s now convenient to process your driver’s license and car registration through the new LTO online portal.


In this guide, you will learn the basics of the LTO portal, what services are available through the portal, and how to use it.


Let’s get started.


What is the LTO portal or LTMS?


In June 2020, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) of the Philippines launched the Land Transportation Management System (LTMS).


Basically, it’s an online portal designed to assist motorists in the Philippines to transact LTO-related things like driver’s license and car registration applications and renewal.



The online portal made the news in 2021 as more than 1 million people have already registered.


Going forward, the government advised motorists in the Philippines to use the portal whenever possible instead of risking one’s health in the offices.


The good thing is that users can use the portal using any kind of device — even if that’s only a smartphone and not a desktop computer.


Who can use the LTO portal?


Specifically, these entities can use the portal:


      Aspiring drivers

      New car owners

      Existing licensed drivers

      Those with vehicle fleets

      Logistics companies (including four-wheel vehicles)

      Delivery companies (including two-wheel vehicles)

      Manufacturing companies (including heavy vehicles)

      Driving schools


What services are available through the LTO portal?


LTMS offers a wide variety of services in the portal. But take note that LTO may change the available services over time.


Here’s a complete list of all the services available through the LTO portal:


      Application and renewal of student, non-professional, and professional licenses

      Upgrading of driver’s license classification (non-professional to professional)

      Submission of documents for contested cases of traffic violations

      Conversion to a local type of license from a foreign one

      Transaction for driver’s license transaction fees

      Replacement of lost or damaged licenses

      Request for a No Apprehension Certificate

      Request for more restriction code

      Registration of motor vehicles

      Changing driver records


Office availability of the LTO online portal


The rollout of the portal is gradually going through the whole country. Unfortunately, it hasn’t reached all the branches yet.


Here are the LTO offices that process online transactions:



      Angeles District Office

      Baguio Licensing Center

      Bayombong District Office

      Biñan District Office

      Calapan District Office

      Laoag District Office

      Lipa District Office

      Naga District Office

      San Fernando Licensing Center

      Metro Manila

      Central Office-License Section

      Eastwood Driver’s License Renewal Office

      Ever Gotesco Driver’s License Renewal Office

      Muntinlupa District Office

      Quezon City Licensing Center


      Dumaguete District Office

      Ormoc District Office

      Roxas District Office

      Tagbilaran District Office


      Butuan District Office

      Davao District Office

      General Santos District Office

      Malaybalay District Office

      Pagadian District Office

      Tagum District Office


In a statement, the LTO chief of the time committed to fast-track the necessary preparations so more offices will be equipped with the online portal.


Take note that walk-in transactions are still available in all office branches in the country. Eventually, the system will be made nationwide.


How to create an account on LTMS or LTO portal


Since many parts of the transactions are private, you need to register an account first on the LTO portal to use its services.


Here are the steps:


      Navigate to the LTMS website first

      Click the “Register Now” button on the page



On the next page:


      Read through the terms of the agreement

      Check the box to access the terms

      Enter the correct security code

      Click the “Next” button to proceed



Then, select the type of entity you’re enrolling as. In this example, we’re assuming you’re enrolling as an individual.



You will then undergo a series of steps — with the first one confirming whether or not you have a driver’s license.


Click the correct button to start:



After that:


      Complete all applicable fields

      Click the “Next” button to proceed



The next step is about your personal details — which are supposedly filled out if you entered the correct license details.


      Check your personal information

      Enter your mother’s maiden name

      Click on the “Next” button



On the next page:


      Enter your contact information

      Click the “Create Account” button



Right after that, the system will notify you that you’re successfully registered. You will need to check your email within 24 hours to verify your account registration.


Click the “OK” button to finish the registration.



When you check your email, click on the link to verify your email address and create your account’s password.



On the next page:


      Set and confirm your new password

      Click the “Set Password for Login” button



You will then be able to log in to the portal:



How to update your LTMS profile on the LTO portal


Did you want to change something in your account details?


You can easily update your account on the LTO portal. However, take note that there is information — like your name and registered address — that you can’t change.


Here are the steps:


      Log in on the LTMS website with your credentials

      Click the “Profile” button on the home page



If you want to see all your information, go to the “Show All” tab on the next page:



You can change almost all the information here except for the following:


      LTO Client ID

      Last name

      Middle name

      First name

      Email address


      Date of birth

      Civil status


      Registered address


If you want to change any of the information above, you need to apply for a “revision of records” in the driver’s license system.


After making the changes, click the “Apply Changes” button at the bottom of the page:



How to apply or renew your driver’s license through the LTO portal


The LTMS online portal is a big help when it comes to processing your driver’s license since you can avoid spending so much time in their office.


Before you apply for a driver’s license, make sure you know the qualifications and requirements of getting a license first:


Qualifications for a driver’s license


  1. At least 17 years old if Filipino and at least 18 years old for foreigners
  2. Ability to read and write
  3. Student driver’s permit holder for at least a month
  4. Attended and passed the practical driving course from LTO accredited licensed driver, driver’s education center, accredited driving school, or accredited TESDA training center
  5. Physically and mentally fit to drive a motor vehicle
  6. No unsettled traffic violation (if there was any)
  7. Passed the automated theoretical examination
  8. Passed the practical examination


Requirements for a driver’s license


  1. Original copy of valid student driver’s permit
  2. 17-year-old applications need a parental or guardian’s consent with a valid government ID with a photo and signature
  3. Medical certificate from an accredited medical clinic (will be electronically transmitted to LTO by the clinic)
  4. Tax identification number for employed applicants
  5. Duly accomplished application form for driver’s license


New driver’s license application through the LTO online portal


Once you have all the requirements ready, follow the steps below:


      Sign in to the LTO online portal with your valid credentials

      Click the “Licensing” button on the home page



On the small window:


      Read through the terms of use

      Click the “Accept” button to continue



On the next page:


      Choose the license type

      Click the “Add Medical Certificate” button at the bottom



Verify your medical certificate number on the next page:



Please note the following:


      The medical clinic or laboratory must submit the medical certificate to LTO online.

      If not, the medical certificate number wouldn’t verify on the page

      If the verification fails, you won’t be able to progress to the next step.


You will then get to this page:



Then, proceed with the following steps:


      Select the type of application you want to do

      Fill out and complete the driver’s license application form

      Upload whatever documents are required in the document description


The page will then show you the total fee of your license transaction.


Fees for driver’s license application


Here are the likely fees for each transaction:



Total Fee

Student driver’s permit application


Professional and non-professional driver’s license application


Renewal of unexpired license


Renewal of 1 day to 1 year expired license


Renewal of 1 to 2 years expired license


Renewal of more than 2 years expired license


Renewal of dormant license


Request for license reclassification for valid professional and non-professional licenses


Request for license reclassification for expired professional and non-professional licenses

₱785 + penalty fee


Note that the total fee you will pay will also include a convenience fee, which is different per online payment method.


If you wish to continue with the application:


      Click the “Apply” button from the page that displays the total fee

      Select the LTO office where you will complete the transaction

      Choose your appointment date and time

      Click the “Proceed to Payment” button


At this stage, you will then have to select your payment method:


      Click the “Proceed to Summary” button

      Check your transaction summary

      Click the “Accept” button to proceed


You will then see your transaction details:


      Read and agree to the terms and conditions

      Select the payment method that you selected earlier

      Click the “Continue” button

      Complete the online payment on the next page


After that, simply follow the instructions given to you. Make sure to go to the LTO office on the appointment date and time.


Other things you can do with the LTO portal


Here are other things you can do in the LTO portal:


Check your LTO violations


Follow these steps:


      Sign in to the LTO online portal with your valid credentials

      Click the “Violations” button on the home page



On the next page, you will see the following:




      Demerit Points



Make sure to settle your fines in the nearest office.


For an idea of how much you have to pay for traffic violations, check out the table below:



Penalty Fee

Driving without a valid driver’s license


Driving under alcohol and/or dangerous drugs influence

      1st offense: Driver’s license confiscation

      2nd offense: Lifetime revocation of driver’s license           

Driving a vehicle used in a convicted crime commission


Reckless driving

      1st offense: ₱2,000

      2nd offense: ₱3,000

      Subsequent offenses: ₱10,000

Submitting fake documents during applying/renewing a driver’s license


No seat belt (including letting a child passenger that’s 6 years old and below on the front seat)

      1st offense: ₱1,000

      2nd offense: ₱2,000

      3rd offense: ₱5,000

No motorcycle helmet

      1st offense: ₱1,500

      2nd offense: ₱3,000

      3rd offense: ₱5,000

      Subsequent offenses: ₱10,000

Driving without a driver’s license, certificate of registration, or official receipt


Driving an unregistered vehicle


Unauthorized vehicle modification


Vehicle with defective, improper, unauthorized devices, accessories, parts, and equipment (or lack thereof)


License plate improperly (or not) attached


Smoke belching

      1st offense: ₱2,000

      2nd offense: ₱4,000

      3rd offense: ₱6,000

Fraud vehicle registration or renewal


Other violations related to motor vehicle registration, renewal, or operation


Other traffic violations including parking violation, illegal turn, illegal overtaking, disregarding traffic signs, and those listed in the Joint Administrative Order No. 2014-01



Check your LTO transactions


If you want to check out all the transactions you made ever since you’re in the LTO portal, follow these steps:


      Sign in to the LTO online portal with your valid credentials

      Click the “Transactions” button on the home page



On the next page, you will see your account’s transaction overview:



Check your LTO documents


If you want to check your LTO documents, follow the steps below:


      Sign in to the LTO online portal with your valid credentials

      Click the “Documents” button on the home page



On the next page, you will see all the documents associated with your account:



Apply for a Certificate of No Apprehensions


If you migrated to another country, it’s possible that they would ask you for a No Apprehensions Certificate.


In the past, it was quite troublesome since you needed to visit the office. It’s even more bothersome if you’re already outside the country.


Fortunately, if you want to apply for such a certificate, you can now do it in the online portal through these steps:


If you want to check your LTO documents, follow the steps below:


      Sign in to the LTO online portal with your valid credentials

      Click the “Documents” button on the home page



On the next page:


      Navigate to the “No Apprehensions” tab

      Click the “Apply for Certificate” button



Right after that:


      Fill out the application form

      Click the “Create Certificate” button



For the payment:


      Select the payment method of your choice

      Click the “Proceed to Summary” button at the bottom



On the next page, you will see a summary of your transaction.


Click the “Submit” button at the bottom to push through with your application for the certificate:



Here’s what will happen next:


      The system will send an email to you to confirm your application.

      Once you pay the fee, you will be able to download the certificate in the transaction details.


Request for revision of records


There are account details you can change. Unfortunately, for the most vital ones, you have to request a revision of records first.


Here are the steps:


      Sign in to the LTO online portal with your valid credentials

      Click the “Licensing” button on the home page



On the small window:


      Read through the terms of use

      Click the “Accept” button to continue



On the next page:


      Select the type of license first

      Click the “Next” button to continue



After that:


      Click the “Revision of Records” button

      Click the “Next” button again



On the next page:


      Select the type of information you want to revise (can be more than one)

      Click the “Next” button again



To continue:


      Enter the information you want to change

      Click the “Next” button



You will then have to provide a proof of your residence:


      Click the upload button of the required document

      Click the “Next” button



For the next steps:


      Review your transaction at the bottom of the page

      Click the “Apply” button



Take the Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) Exam


If you want to apply for a license, you don’t have to risk yourself and take the CDE exam in the office anymore.


To take the exam, follow these steps:


      Sign in to the LTO online portal with your valid credentials

      Click the “E-Learning” dropdown button on the header

      Select “CDE Online Validation Exam” from the list



The examination is quite simple — there are only 25 questions and you simply need 13 correct answers (50%) to pass.


To start the exam, click the “Start Exam” button:



Here are some notes regarding the test:


      There’s no time limit on taking the exam.

      You can choose the language in which to take the exam — either English or Filipino.

      The exam relies on honesty — there’s literally nothing that’s stopping you from answering the exam dishonorably.

      You will receive a certificate on passing the exam that you can show to the person in charge of your application or renewal.

      In case you fail the exam, you can always retake the exam as much as you can until you pass the exam.


Before you take the exam, make sure to review the topics concerning the following:


      General information on driving

      Parking and road position

      Road markings, signs, and rules

      Violation and penalties

      Driving emergencies

      Rights and duties of drivers’


Take note that the online examination is only part of your application. You still need to take the actual practical examination.


Learning about driving and applying for a driver’s license


You can also learn more regarding driving in general as well as getting a driver’s license.


Here are the steps:


      Sign in to the LTO online portal with your valid credentials

      Click the “E-Learning” dropdown button on the header

      Select “Driver’s Manual” from the list



On the next page, you can then start learning. You can also jump across different sections (which is helpful for reviewing information).



Here’s an overview of all the modules available in the e-learning element of the portal:


      Licensing information


      Driver’s license classification and vehicle category

      Medical conditions and driving indications

      Qualifications and documentary requirements

      LTO portal flowchart

      Fees and other charges

      Getting ready to drive

      Course content of driving school

      Pavement markings

      Road traffic signs

      Driving fundamentals

      Checking motor vehicle and documents

      Before starting to drive

      Starting to drive

      Driving on the road

      Proactive vehicle maintenance

      Road courtesy and safety

      Road rage

      Defensive driving

      Dealing with emergency situations

      Avoiding collisions


      Rights, duties, and responsibilities of drivers

      General responsibilities of a driver

      Responsibilities of a bus, taxi, jeepney, UV express, and TNVS drivers

      Responsibilities of a motorcycle rider/driver

      Responsibilities of a school bus driver

      Responsibilities of a taxi, TNVS, and UV express driver

      Responsibilities of a tricycle rider/driver

      Responsibilities of a truck driver

      Rights of a driver during apprehension

      Common traffic violations of public utility vehicle drivers that causes heavy traffic

      Motor vehicle registration

      Documentary requirements for new registration

      Documentary requirements for renewal of registration for all classifications

      Motor vehicle registration schedule

      Motor vehicle user’s charge

      Penalties, charges, and other fees

      Assigned plate per region

      Land transportation related laws

      Republic Act No. 4136

      Republic Act No. 8749

      Republic Act No. 8750

      Republic Act No. 8794

      Republic Act No. 10054

      Republic Act No. 10586

      Republic Act No. 10666

      Republic Act No. 10913

      Republic Act No. 10916

      Republic Act No. 10930

      Fines and penalties for violations

      Temporary operator's permit (TOP)


      Registration, renewal, or operation

      Dimension, specifications, weight, and load limits


      Driver’s license renewal course

      Comprehensive driver’s education (CDE) program audio visual

      Comprehensive driver’s education (CDE) presentation materials

      CDE online validation exam


Using LTMS or LTO portal for easier transactions


The creation of the online portal is heaven sent — especially with the danger of being exposed to the pandemic virus.


Some advantages of using the LTO portal include the following:


      Process your transactions safer and faster

      Pass the CDE examination easier

      Avoid illegal ways of processing documents

      Archive all your LTO documents


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